This best-selling $38 plug heater is perfect for winter

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The mornings and evenings are really starting to get chilly as winter gets ever closer.

And while in many parts of Australia it still feels too early to haul out the heavy duty heaters, doonas and electric blankets, we’ve found the perfect solution to keep your toes toasty while working from home.

This tiny Russell Hobbs Ceramic Plug Heater will warm up a small space in no time, whether that be your home office, a bathroom or even a holiday camper.

plug-in fan heater
This tiny plug-in fan heater really packs a punch. Photo: Amazon

How it works

It can be set to heat between 15°C and 30°C, has a high and low fan setting, and has a built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature around the device, helping to maintain the perfect level of heat.

Ideal for warming small spaces up to 10m2, the 500W plug-in heater quickly became a best seller on Amazon in the UK over their winter, where it picked up loads of rave reviews.

“Such a great little heater for a small space - we use it in a smallish playroom which used to be part of our garage. Plug sockets are half way up the wall so this is ideal as no trailing wires,” one shopper wrote.

“This was a great investment for my grandson’s gaming room,” said another, “Very powerful and throws out the heat. Not tried in a large room but in a small room only needs about 15 mins to really warm.”


Another noted that being a plug-in heater, you need to make sure the room you want to heat has a socket in the right spot, saying, “A great little heater to warm a small space quickly. As some of our plug sockets are not much above the skirting board there was a limit to where it could be placed with adequate all around.”

plug heater
It became a best seller in the UK over winter, although you will need an adaptor for it to work in Australia. Photo: Amazon

The heater also has a basic timer that allows you to set how many hours you want the heater to run for before it turns itself off, however, it’s not fancy enough to be able to turn itself on and off at a specific time.

Another common criticism is that the fan isn’t the quietest, so many people said they wouldn’t use it overnight while trying to sleep.

While you can’t get your hands on this gem locally in Australia, they do ship here if you purchase it from Amazon Australia, you just need to make sure you also have a power adaptor.

Don't be fooled by price

With heaters on many people’s minds at this time of year, Choice is recommending that shoppers do their research and read lots of reviews, as they’ve found that expensive heaters aren’t necessarily better performers.

“Although our experts did test some heater models costing in the $400 to $500 range that they'd happily recommend, they also uncovered quite a few exxy units that disappointed,” Choice heating expert Chris Barnes says.

“Just as importantly, they found budget heaters for under $100 that were better than models costing hundreds of dollars more.”

Other popular options for keeping cosy in autumn include microwavable slippers that stay warm for up to an hour after popping them in the microwave, and wearable blankets like the Oodie that are made of super soft fleece.

woman wearing an Oodie
Shoppers are turning to winter warmers like this Oodie hooded blanket, currently on sale for $84, now that the cooler weather is setting in. Photo: Oodie

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