Star, 54, shocks at Burning Man with see-through dress: 'Badass'

The Vampire Diaries star Kelly Hu has shocked fans with her latest look — a sheer black dress that exposes her body.

The 54-year-old looked stunning in her ‘steampunk’ outfit for Burning Man in Nevada, USA.

L: Kelly Hu poses in her sheer dress and steampunk hat at Burning Man. R: Ascanio Pignatelli Aragona Cortés and Kelly Hu pose at Burning Man
Kelly Hu looked stunning in her sheer outfits for Burning Man. Photo: Instagram/kellyhu & ascanioadventure

Wearing a black dress with a sheer bodice and flowing skirt, the star used strategically placed black tape to cover her breasts.

Kelly accessorised with casual white boots, a thick black belt and chunky jewellery. To finish the look off, she added a tall hat with a pair of goggles.


“Just got back from Burning Man last night and I’m already missing sunsets on the Playa,” she captioned the snap.

The former model has been vocal about how ageing is ‘beautiful’, and her natural silver highlights stood out against the desert sunset.

Fans went wild over her look, with many telling the star that she was a ‘timeless beauty’.

L: Kelly Hugh poses in a two piece in front of a giant sculpture at Burning Man. R: A group of friends including Kelly Hu pose for a photo at Burning Man
The former model looks much younger than her age. Photo: Instagram/kellyhu & ascanioadventure

“Holy s**t. You look smoking hot in that outfit,” a fan wrote.

“You are such a beautiful and glorious badass,” a second chimed in.

“Eternal sorceress! I love you Kelly!” another commented.

“Yes sis! Rocking the silver highlights too!” added a fan.

This wasn’t Kelly’s only look for the festival, with her second outfit self-described as ‘extra’.

Wearing a sheer white bodysuit with a glorious cape, the star opted for white tape to cover her modesty.

The white cape was dotted with lines of bright white lights, making the actress sparkle at night.

Wearing her hair in two braids, Kelly finished off the outfit with metallic leggings and tall, silver boots.

Kelly Hu poses in a white outfit for Burning Man covered in fluorescent lights
Her fans declared that Kelly was a 'goddess'. Photo: Instagram/kellyhu

“At nights on the playa at Burning Man you have to wear lights so people can see you and you don’t get run over by bikes zooming by. So why not make it a fashion statement, as well,” she wrote in her caption.

“No such thing as being ‘extra’ at Burning Man, which is why I love it so much.”

Kelly’s epic outfit was quickly praised on social media, with fellow actress Lindsay Price saying it was ‘insane’.

“Oh my gosh Kelly! I love everything about this!” another comment read.

“Awesome! Reminds me of a techno-butterfly and acts as a warning beacon to wild bikers, now that is wild,” wrote a third.

“Kelly bein’ extra on us! Slay Queen, slay!” added a fan.

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