Gigi and Bella Hadid unrecognisable after 'awful' transformation

Supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid have shocked fans with their extreme transformation, after shaving parts of their heads and bleaching their eyebrows.

The sisters looked completely unrecognisable as they debuted their new look on the runway for Marc Jacobs’ fall 2022 collection.

L: Bella after her transformation, walking the runway with a white outfit. R: Gigi sports her new look while wearing a white singlet and beige shawl.
Bella and Gigi Hadid have shocked fans with their extreme transformation. Photo: Getty

Pairing their bleached eyebrows with blunt-cut bangs, the stars stole the show which was held at the New York Public Library.

Fans were horrified at the change and quickly took to social media to tell the models exactly what they thought.


“What have they done to you?” one fan wrote, while another said: “Girl, Marc Jacobs is not worth this.”

“Y’all, quit lying to her saying this haircut looks good. It’s beyond awful,” added a third.

“Gigi! No babe! I love you but no! Don’t get me wrong you look amazing but no,” a fan wrote bluntly.

“Please tell me you did not shave your head,” another pleaded.

Two photos showing Bella getting her bald cap fitted before hitting the runway.
Bella showed how a team fitted her with a bald cap before the show. Photo: Instagram/bellahadid

Supermodel Bella, 25, let fans in on a secret by sharing some footage that showed the sisters didn’t actually shave their heads.

Instead, the star had a team of prosthetic artists working with hairstylist Duffy to cover her natural hair with a bald cap, before applying a wig.

The bleached brows were real, thanks to the head makeup artist Diane Kendall.

Some people appreciated the edgy, futuristic look, telling the sisters that they can ‘rock anything’, and that their ‘transformation’ was ‘amazing’.

“You look so f**king good,” one fan wrote, while another said Bella looked “beautiful and iconic.”

Designer Marc Jacobs was so grateful to have the sisters trust his vision, and thanked the pair on social media.

Noël Jacoboni was the key SFX makeup artist for the models, and she said that the dramatic look had only been planned for a week.

"We are so thankful we were able to be a part of this otherworldly show. It took many people and many hands to get this done and I’m so proud of our work!" she wrote on Instagram.

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