Beauty and the Geek star opens up about high school transformation

Beauty and the Geek star Aimee Woolley has hit back at her high school bullies and shared a video on social media showcasing her dramatic transformation.

Taking to TikTok, the 23-year-old trainee nurse from Tasmania posted a slideshow of three photos before and after her “glow up".

Beauty and the Geek’s Aimee Woolley.
Beauty and the Geek’s Aimee Woolley shared a TikTok showcasing her dramatic transformation since high school. Photo: Channel Nine

The first snap features Aimee in her red and blue high school uniform with dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail.

The fan favourite Beauty is then shown posing in a blue and white check dress and sunglasses with blonde hair and a tanned complexion.

Finally, the video cuts to Aimee’s promo photo from Beauty and the Geek where she wears a pink top and blue latex skirt.


“Remember when you called me ugly?” a voiceover says over the video. “Watch my glow up b***h.”

A number of fans took to the comments on Aimee’s post to praise her makeover and blast the bullies who judged her appearance in high school.

“You were gorgeous in both though! Some people suck,” one person wrote, while another replied, “You look beautiful”.

“You were actually my #1 on Beauty and the Geek!” someone else shared. “Broke my heart when you were eliminated.”

Beauty and the Geek’s Aimee Woolley before and after her transformation.
Aimee was praised for posting photos of her ‘glow up’ in response to her high school bullies. Photos: TikTok/aimeew_xo

‘I’m happy with myself’

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about the now-viral video, Aimee admits she was a “late bloomer” in high school.

“Brown hair looked so bad on me,” she adds with a laugh. “After high school, I got lots of lip filler, botox, blonde hair and a hot body.”

The TV star also revealed how her time on Beauty and the Geek and her connection with her partner, 24-year-old martial arts expert Jayden Darcy, has changed her life.

“The show has taught me to come out of my shell more and just be my quirky self,” she reflects. “My personality is not for everyone, but I’m happy with myself.”

Beauty and the Geek's Jayden before and after his makeover.
Aimee’s Geek Jayden underwent his own dramatic transformation on the show. Photos: Channel Nine

Jayden’s makeover

Aimee’s comments come shortly after she returned to Beauty and the Geek for the show's finale alongside Jayden, who had undergone his own dramatic makeover with a trimmed haircut, shaved face and glowing tan.

“Everyone better be prepared, they’ve got a new golden boy in town,” he said.

“Far out,” host Sophie Monk remarked. “You look like a completely different person. Did you look in the mirror and like what you saw?”

“I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘Who’s this model?’,” he replied coyly.

The returning Beauties and Geeks were tasked with choosing which pair they wanted to win the show, with Karly and Aaron taking out the title and $100,000.

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