Sophie Monk slams rumours Beauty and the Geek makeovers are 'fake'

Beauty and the Geek has been described as one of the most wholesome reality shows on TV, pairing gorgeous women with intelligent men to learn from one another and form connections.

However, there are plenty of fans who have expressed doubts over how much of the stars’ personalities and appearances are genuine.

Beauty and the Geek star Michael Gebicki before and after going on the show.
Beauty and the Geek star Michael Gebicki has already been labelled as a ‘fake geek’ by fans online after they discovered his old Instagram photos. Photos: Instagram/therealgebicki / Channel Nine

Last season’s George Goldfeder was labelled a “fake geek” by a number of social media users, who believed that he had only grown a beard so his ‘makeover’ throughout the season looked more extreme.

Similar rumours have already begun swirling for this season before it premieres on Sunday, with Instagram photos of geek Michael Gebicki proving that he grew out his hair and beard before the show began filming.


Now, the show’s host Sophie Monk has shut down rumours that the popular series casts “fake geeks” and changes their looks to dramatise their before and after results.

“It's not true, because I've watched their audition tapes and they actually looked geekier then than they do in the promos,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It's not contrived, that’s who they are.

“I think they find the geeks on like, gaming sites and stuff where they hang out.”

Beauty and the Geek's Sophie Monk.
Sophie Monk has now shut down the rumours that the makeovers are fake. Photo: Channel Nine

‘It's crazy’

Speaking about this year’s makeovers, Sophie teases that viewers are going to go wild over the “amazing” transformations.

“They’re so good,” she remarks. “Like one of them, we were like, ‘You could be a supermodel and legit work in Paris’.

“It's crazy what a haircut and a shave can do for someone's self-esteem. They just walk out feeling different.”

The TV personality adds that although there’s no pressure for the contestants to form romantic relationships on the show, sparks definitely fly between some of the pairs.

“They can be best friends and win this because it’s all about growth, but there is so much romance,” she shares. “Almost instantly there's romance.

“I actually have a masterclass where I try to teach them about dating and one of them ends up using stuff that they learned from me which is hilarious.”

Beauty and the Geek's Sophie Monk in the pool.
‘I'd say this is the most special season of any show I’ve ever seen.’ Photo: Channel Nine

‘You’ll be obsessed’

While Sophie has appeared on a number of TV shows throughout her impressive career, including The Bachelorette, Australia’s Got Talent and Love Island, she says that hosting Beauty and the Geek is the most fun job she’s ever had.

“It's so positive and it’s as entertaining as any reality show, but it's so kind,” she remarks. “Everyone walks out of it saying it's the best experience of their entire life, which is so rare for reality shows.

“If you liked last season, you'll be obsessed with this season. It's a little bit edgier and you see a deeper side to the beauties.

“I'd say this is the most special season of any show I’ve ever seen.”

Beauty and the Geek starts this Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now and airs Mon - Wed at 7.30pm

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