The Bachelor reveals premiere date and first look at Jimmy's ladies

Four months after announcing that Jimmy Nicholson will front The Bachelor Australia 2021, Channel 10 have finally revealed the premiere date for the reality show.

Fans can expect Jimmy’s search for love to begin Wednesday, July 21.

As well as unveiling the air date, Channel 10 have also shared an extended look at some of the women vying for Jimmy’s heart.

The new trailer showcases the incredible lengths some of the Bachelorettes go to to ensure they have a memorable entrance.


Lily, a crane operator, is shown being carried in a decorated box by a crane and dropped off right in front of the 31-year-old pilot.

“It’s a very impressive entrance,” Jimmy says while meeting Lily. “You’ve got very beautiful eyes, Lily. They’re very blue.”

Bachelor contestant Lily.
Lily made sure no one missed her arrival to the Bachelor mansion. Photo: Channel 10

The next girl to appear arriving on the red carpet is occupational therapist Brooke, who delivers a Sri Lankan love cake to the Bachelor.

“They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” he remarks upon her entrance.

The couple then link arms and take their first bites of the dessert together.

Speaking to the camera, Jimmy gushes: “Brooke’s breathtakingly beautiful, I’m doing backflips inside.”

Bachelor contestant Brooke.
Brooke arrived on the Bachelor red carpet with a sweet treat for Jimmy. Photo: Channel 10

Also featured in the trailer is marketing manager Holly, who has set up a wine bar for her and Jimmy to enjoy.

“Having this little sit down with Holly, it’s flirty, it’s fun,” he tells producers. “The chemistry is definitely there.”

Bachelor contestant Holly.
Holly took Jimmy away to a wine bar she had created. Photo: Channel 10

The fourth and final lady shown in the new preview is nutritionist Jay, with the pair playing a game of large-scale chess together.

Although she messes up the game, Jimmy is clearly smitten with her efforts.

“I feel like Jay’s chess game probably didn’t go to plan,” he says. “It’s really cute and it’s just really authentic.”

“I’m loving it, I think I’ve made the right decision coming here,” Jimmy adds at the end of the video.

Bachelor contestant Jay.
Although Jay stumbled in her chess game, she made a strong impression on Jimmy. Photo: Channel 10

In addition to these significant entrances, a previous teaser shared last month features an unnamed woman also making her mark on the Bachelor.

The brunette contestant, likely a flight attendant in real life, greets Jimmy in the garden by saying: “Welcome aboard Bachelor airways, flight 2021”.

Get your cheeseboards ready for July 21, it’s clear that there will be some tough competition this season.

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