Bachelor contestants set to shock by leaving the show in 'mass exodus'

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The Bachelor is only three weeks into its 2021 season and with so much drama already going down, it seems like things are only just getting started with a 'mass exodus' set to go down in the coming episodes.

Daily Mail reports that following Ashleigh Freckleton's departure last night both Tatum Hargraves and Stephanie Lynch will leave the mansion earlier than we'd expect.

Bachelor contestants
A number of Bachelor contestants are reportedly set to shock by leaving the show in a mass exodus in coming episodes. Photo: Ten

The publication reports that despite Jimmy Nicholson enjoying a date with Stephanie this week, their relationship will soon come to a crashing halt.

"Steph has a huge fight with another contestant... on camera and she says that she wants to leave, so he gets rid of her," a source said.


Rebekah Modernel reportedly also has an off-camera "meltdown" that leads to her elimination.

"Beck had a meltdown and she was in a cupboard crying, she was just like "I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home," the insider added.

"We all knew that Beck was just f**king over it and that she was on the verge of walking out and that's when she was evicted."

The Bachelor's Jimmy and Steph on a date
Stephanie Lynch, who had a single date with Jimmy Nicholson this week is rumoured to depart in coming episodes. Photo: Ten

But apparently, it was something that rumoured winner Holly Kingston says that upsets Rebekah enough to send her home.

The insider added that producers apparently felt as though they had no choice but to send the girls who didn't want to be there home to avoid any unexpected changes to their filming schedule.

It comes after Jimmy spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle and shared his thoughts on some of the contestants' "disappointing" behaviour.

Jimmy says that knowing what he knows now - including the fact that Stephanie has repeatedly said she "hates pilots" - he would never have given her one-on-one time.

"Watching the show back, I'm looking at it and I'm thinking, 'no don't do it mate! What are you doing?! Don't take her on this date!'," he admits.

"Now I've seen everything that everyone's said, and I think it's important to realise that I didn't know any of this kind of stuff.

The Bachelor's Jimmy in a white tuxedo
Jimmy says that knowing what he knows now - including the fact that Stephanie has repeatedly said she "hates pilots" - he would never have given her one-on-one time. Photo: Ten

"People might be like 'get rid of her, get rid of her', but I wasn't seeing what we're seeing now back then."

Talking about Stephanie calling Holly the C-bomb, Jimmy says it was "disappointing" to see "schoolyard antics" being brought into the mansion.

"I know Australian culture is pretty laid back and in some contexts, the C-bomb is used quite jovially," he details. "But I think in that environment, you're on national television.

"If that's the way you're acting on national television when you're supposed to be a little bit more polished and wary of your audience, then how are you going to act outside of it?"

The 31-year-old also adds that Stephanie shouldn't blame anyone else for her actions, but instead accept that what she did was wrong.

"People sort of say 'oh the edit stitched me up', but they don't tell us to say that," he says. "There's no script, so if you say something, you've got to own it."

With additional reporting by Lachlan Guertin.

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