The Bachelor moment that made Angie Kent 'full clench up'

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's new Bachelor 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Jimmy Nicholson's new season.

Angie Kent headshot
Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied

This week's episodes of The Bachelor promised us theatrics after the C-bomb saga and that juicy rewind we all lived for last week. It all seemed like we were in for something succulent and scandalous, but alas we were mere pawns in this game of love.

As if we aren’t already feeling defeated enough with the majority of the country in lockdown. Gone are the days where you were kicked out of the mansion because you didn’t want to dress up as a chook or simply knowing your values didn’t align, but also not having to create almost an entire episode around it to suck us in. Dire times.

Bachelor 2021 contestants
The Bachie drama just wasn't there for Angie Kent this week. Photo: Channel 10

First single date this week is …. C-BOMB Steph. and it’s another pilot theme date. Who would have thunk it? Tell me you’re a pilot without telling me you are a pilot. If a dude bought me an outfit on my first date, I would be like WOW WOW WOW. But, then I remembered production fully set that up, he probably had not even seen the outfit before. I would love to know if he had any say in that red number. Bless. Red like the roses he hands out.


They get a pash in and Steph gets a rose and we find out that Steph doesn’t actually think pilots are so bad after all. Let us remember though, a pilot is a profession, it shouldn’t define us as a human being and what we represent. Stigmas can be dangerous and I find that how we judge others is generally how we judge ourselves based on how we perceive the world due to our past conditioning etc. Heavy. But, truthful.

I love how Steph has bulk plane facts. It makes me realise how lame my facts would be. They would be about Gorillas, tea towels and dogs. And probs telling straight men how much they need to do the work within. What a catch I am.

Bachelor Angie Kent Bachelor column
The group dates make Angie Kent 'full clench up'. Photo: Channel 10

The Bachie moment that made me ‘full clench up’

Group date o’clock. My favourite part of each episode...yeah right. Can I just start off by saying I am so over talking about bodies. It is another date where everyone is half nudey fighting for airtime out at sea. Why do we do this? Why don't we say oh he’s so smart or funny or caring. It’s always shirtless, bikinis and bod talk. It’s great you got abs or you look great half nude, but are we going to treat each other right? What’s your star sign? Do our values align? and most importantly, do you know the difference between to, too and two?

Nothing is more vegetating for the soul than being puffed in your bathers on a freakin group date with a camera in your face after congesting bulk dirty seawater. Group dates are always so full on and such HUGE days time wise. You get ready, the travel time, the date itself, all the one- on-one interviews about every little thing that happens. Tthen you have to pick one other person to hang out with. Then go on that date. Then talk about that date. Ahhh the mems. My somatic body response whilst reliving that spoke volumes. Full clench up.

Cultural appropriation at the cocktail party

Cocktail party time. And the theme this week is spirit animals’. I went on to Twitter as I felt in my loins that people were going to blow the hell up over this, and rightly so. Spirit animal isn’t a party theme, it’s cultural appropriation that can be harmful to Indigenous cultures. And it is ok if you did not know this, but you do now and if a group of people are saying to stop using the term, then I really suggest we listen. Strike it from your vocabulary.

Jimmy and Jay on The Bachelor 2021
Jimmy and Jay went on another helicopter date. Photo: Channel 10

Bachie Jimmy takes Jay on a date

Next episode. The gals are getting riled up because Jay got the next single date. I totally understand how exhausting this must be and why the ladies get upset when some of the others have more advantages, but it is a quest for love at the end of the day. A race of sorts. And you know pretty quick sticks who you want to spend the majority of your time with. Time is precious in there. There is SO much filming time and not as much solid time with the girls or fellas you actually want to be with. You are also there to make a show at the end of the day and it truly feels like a movie set at times.

Jay and Jimmy go on their action packed single date. It looked exhausting. I am not going to lie. Can we start having dates where we chill the hell out and perhaps have a pot of tea, attend a real good therapy session, cook something we both like and then watch Titanic and just fully cry about it? Or is that just me?

The ‘next level weird’ group date

Another group date. Yay! This group date was ….. next level weird. The girls that hadn’t had much time with Jimmy got to ‘compete’ for the single time with him. Look, I fully get everyone has an ego and that pressure cooker of a situation is steaming HOT so we would say and do things we wouldn’t normally. But to say ‘you’re acting desperate’ and using words like ‘sweetie’ (so passive aggressive) it’s like, hang on chicks, you are all on the same SHOW here, where you are battling it out for ONE dude you have literally just met and have simply been told he is ‘Prince Charming’.

Ashleigh elimination on The Bachelor
We said goobye to Ashleigh last night. Photo: Channel 10

Those who live in glass houses, if you know what I’m sayin. If you aren’t vibing with old mate, that’s ok too, there is only one ‘winner’. Have fun with the girls and try to enjoy the ordeal. You did sign up for it at the end of the day and you can leave at any time. It truly blows my mind how much negative focus they give to each other rather than just focussing on themselves/Jimmy.

You are not supposed to like every person in there and they’re not supposed to like you, even though they probably feel semi Stockholm Syndromey. The psychological connection develops over the course of days, weeks, months and you’re all like YAY we are ALL in love. It’s really a form of survival.

Jimmy says goodbye to Ashleigh

It spoke volumes that Jimmy had pashed every girl up until Ashleigh. She then had to wait what it looked like 24 hours until the cocktail party for him to dump her before a rose ceremony. That was heavy. But honesty is the best policy and the conversation they had was a good honest conversation for both men and women to see.

And on that note, I am spent. Another week down of this hectic game show where the prize is literally another human being. Until next week lovers x

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