Bachelor: Angie Kent on what we didn't see in 'offensive' C-bomb scandal

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's new Bachelor 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Jimmy Nicholson's new season.

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied

They say time heals all, so I gave it time, one whole week to be exact and I am feeling slightly beat. It saddens me to admit this, as I want to love this season of The Bachelor so bad. I am, however, still hopeful. You see, I am a glass half full kinda’ gal. So I will persevere in the name of love.

Second single date, we meet Ash. Never heard of her, never seen her, don’t even remember if she had an introduction on the red carpet but we were provided with a darling little backstory before the date.

I feel this is quite new for the Bachie franchise. So I did some snooping of my own on Ol Miss Twitter (She goes off on Bachie nights FYI). Twitter holds no prisoners. I had to pry my little beady eyes away from the app whilst watching Wednesday nights episode because the tweets were more juicy and offered way more laugh out loud moments.

Steph on The Bachelor 2021
Steph made Holly cry after calling her a c**t. Photo: Channel 10

The Bachelor editing turnaround

I saw a tweet between Osher and a fellow Bachie punter. When asked if there is a new editing team this season as it feels like they are doing a much better job of storytelling and establishing ‘characters’, Osher responded ‘It’s an over reaching decision at a network/production company level’. The punter went on to say it is so much nicer and less drama. It is much easier to invest when you understand who the people are.


Now, personally I agree with this. But let's face it. We are also greedy little b*****s who love us some reality TV drama. I hate that I love it. Everything in me wants to say I don’t get swept up in the dross, but my life is so boring and drama free (mostly) that I tend to live vicariously through these highly strung situations where humans have to thrive in order to win over another human (GULP). So we will see if this wholesome approach wins us over. Judging from the ratings, I do think otherwise. Let’s charge that to the Olympics. Aussies love themselves a sports festival.

Jimmy Nicholson on The Bachelor
Angie Kent is persevering with Jimmy Nicholson's season of The Bachelor. Photo: Channel 10

The Bachie date I wish I got

Ash, the dancer, and Jimmy enjoyed a very stock standard Bachie first date. Boats, water, a full grilled fish picnic, kit off, presents, roses and ANOTHER pash.

I did love how Jimmy mentioned he was so stoked that he could take Ash on a date in his very own backyard in the Northern Beaches. So boujee! If I got to have one of my single dates in my backyard back in my old stompin ground, it would literally be a date where I got us a couple of old school BMX bandit styled bikes, ride em down to the corner shop and munch on a couple of Chiko rolls with marty sauce and then a boogie board session down at Alex Beach. Now that s**t is old school middle class Aussie dating at its finest. But we are dealing with a Northern Beaches of Sydney resident here and it is The Bachelor after all.

The super hero group date. Look, I couldn’t do it. My secondhand embarrassment was on fire. I love that the girls gave it a solid shot but they just shouldn’t have to. Why can’t we use these group dates as a chance to get to know the gals and Jimmy more? Not a piss-taking competition where the girls feel like they have to beat each other by putting each other down or acting out of ego from sheer embarrassment.

Anyway, it’s a cheap laugh and I just hope they had fun. I have a small feeling they didn’t though. Other than my secondhand embarrassment feels, all I got was that they’re really giving Sierah that villain edit hard out. Making her look like a real thief of joy. Or she is doing a good job of it herself, hard to say. You know that you can go after a fella and not put down every girl in the process right? A little food for thought.

The Bachelor Australia 2021 C-bomb
The shocking Bachelor Australia C-bomb moment. Photo: Channel 10

The annual breaking of the 'Girl Code' and the C-bomb

Remember last year when they made an entire episode out of a cocktail party? Maybe even more than once. Well not Wednesday nights cocktail party. It was shorter than my attention span. It was the annual introduction to the ‘Girl Code’. Shortly followed by the annual breaking of the ‘Girl Code’. I HATE GIRL AND BRO CODE on a show where you are there to find LOVE. But let's save this rant for another recap because I have babbled on enough. Watch this space.

Thursday night's episode. I feel we missed so much more to the Holly and Steph saga if I am to be completely honest. There would be so much going on in the mansion after two solid weeks full-time living on top of each other, in bunk beds, scattered across in three-three rooms, waiting on ONE man. I am pretty sure we would all be calling each other c***s after that kind of set-up. But in saying this, we can joke about Australian culture and the questionable Bachie franchise living situation all we want, but the C-bomb is all about context. If it was used in a negative way and Holly was offended. It is offensive.

I will finish this week's recap with one word PLAYBACK? The PLAYBACK was everything. I love a rewind moment. The denial was next level. Was Steph drunk? Tired? Triggered? Or just a full on gaslighter denier? I would love to hear both sides to this twisted little story. A tale as old as time. Bless the Bachie editors for that rewind and for those sweet sweet receipts we all love to see.

I have so much more to ramble on about, but that’s all I can fit in this week.

Until next week my little Bachie fiends x

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