Bachelor 2021 contestants and where to follow them on Instagram

We've met this year's Bachelor, pilot Jimmy Nicholson, and according to him, the show has been a success.

“I’m really, really happy to say that we are genuinely in love,” Jimmy told Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive interview.

But just which Bachelorette has managed to secure the place as Jimmy's co-pilot? Here are the first five ladies who are trying to stand out from the crowd and how you can follow them on the gram while enjoying the show.

The Bachelor 2021 contestants
We've met the Bachelor now see where you can follow the women competing to win his heart. Photo: Channel 10

Jay, 31, Nutritionist, @jacintalal_nutritionist

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Jay.
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Jay. Photo: Channel 10

As expected from a nutritionist, Jay is a wellness queen. She's outdoorsy, and into playing sports including, golf, tennis, paddle boarding and cycling. She also appears to be adventurous, (indoor sky diving and zip lining anyone?) with a love of the great outdoors. Most importantly, it looks like she's more than ready to board that plane with Jimmy.

Holly, 27, Marketing Manager, @hollykingston

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Holly
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Holly. Photo: Channel 10

Judging by her Instagram, Holly enjoys the good life - champagne yacht cruises, time with friends and beach days. And the 27-year-old shares a love of animals, particularly pups, with Bachie Jimmy, but can she leave behind her love of the water for flying high with Jimmy?


Brooke, 27, Occupational Therapist, @brookecleal

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Brooke.
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Brooke. Photo: Channel 10

Brooke's Instagram shows that she's down-to-earth, natural and likes to have fun. And she's definitely not afraid to show off the real her. And while her insta may not be as carefully curated as some, discount her at your peril. "Sometimes you just have to throw on a crown and remind them who they're dealing with," she quotes Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe, on the gram. Thems fighting words...

Lily, 23, Crane Operator, @lilykprice

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Lily.
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Lily. Photo: Channel 10

While she might work in a 'man's world', Lily is keen to show off her more feminine side on Instagram. Inseparable from her pup Pixie Jean, she likes nothing more than hanging out with family and friends. Though she may have to make it up to some of her mates. "I am ready for take-off," she says on her latest post. "Apologies to those I told I was in Byron on a yoga retreat… love was on the cards instead" So did she find it with Jimmy?

Chanel, 34, Flight Manager, @thedancingnomad

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Chanel
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Chanel. Photo: Network 10

She works for an airline, tick, she travels the world, tick, she understands Jimmy's work world, tick, tick, tick! But will they actually hit it off or will Chanel move from first class to economy? "So excited to announce my latest adventure," the Virgin Flight Manager announced in her latest post. Even if she doesn't win Jimmy's heart, she will certainly win a lot of Insta fans with her wanderlust posts.

Ash, 34, Dance Teacher, Queensland @ash_lee13

Well if her profession doesn't grab Jimmy's attention her energy certainly will. But there is one thing that Ash is worried might scare Jimmy off. "My independence. I don’t need someone, I want someone. I am not a needy person, " she says.

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Ash.
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Ash. Photo: Network 10

Ashleigh, 28, Speech Pathologist, Victoria @afreckle_

She's bubbly and s optimistic but she knows a good relationship takes work however is Ashleigh set for heartbreak? "I’m guilty of running headfirst into red flags," she admits about past relationship failures. "But I’ll break my heart endlessly if it leads me to the right person eventually."

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Ashleigh
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Ashleigh. Photo: Network 10

Belinda, 29, Criminal Lawyer, Queensland @belindarobinson

She calls herself 'Cyclone Belinda' and loves creating drama and destruction so she's highly unlikely to let anyone stand in her way if she decides Jimmy is the one. However, she also admits she is a hopeless romantic."I want to be completely wrapped up in a safe and healthy, unconditional love cocoon of happiness with a special ‘forever’ someone, and all of the doggies, taking on the world together and living our best lives," she admits.

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Belinda
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Belinda. Photo: Network 10

Carlie, 33, Corporate Lawyer, Victoria @carliehodges

She might be a corporate lawyer but when it comes to her personal life she's less of a shark and more like a friendly puppy. She admits she can be too trusting and helpful but this girl certainly has the smarts! She also has a secret weapon. "People are surprised when they hear I used to be a ballroom and Latin dancer and teacher," she says.

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Carlie.
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Carlie. Photo: Network 10

Elena, 33, Personal Trainer, NSW @activeinstinct.lena

Elena is not afraid to speak her mind so stand back if you don't want to hear what she has to say. But she also says she is funny, optimistic and loyal. "I’m strong and independent," she says about what makes her such a great catch. "I’m super driven and ambitious, bubbly, fun and I have a great personality."

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Elena.
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Elena. Photo: Network 10

Hannah, 26, Registered Nurse, NSW @hannahnorman

She's caring, down-to-earth, genuine and supportive but nurse Hannah believes that her love life most resembles Bridget Jones’s Diary. "I have always resonated with the character; Bridget is worried that she will end up a spinster and is always embarrassing herself in front of others," she reveals. "Bridget and I are both looking for our Mr. Darcy."

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Hannah.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Hannah. Photo: Network 10

Jacinta, 29, Executive Recruiter, Victoria @jacinta_boyss

A self-described tomboy Jacinta loves trying to make a difference to someone's day and make others happy. "I am a pretty solid person and am very content where my life is at for me, right now," she says. "The only thing that could make it better is having someone to share it with."

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Jacinta
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Jacinta. Photo: Network 10

Laura, 28, Speech Pathologist, South Australia @_lauraoloughlin

Don't let her demure exterior fool you, Laura is a vegan eco-warrior with a crude sense of humour. And if that isn't enough to make her stand out from the rest of the girls she knows her enthusiasm and loudness will! "I often unintentionally stand out due to the sheer volume of my voice. I am just going to be completely myself, and if I come across as a standout so be it!"

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Laura.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Laura. Photo: Network 10

Lauren, 29, Office Administrator, South Australia @loveandlauren

Lauren may come across as abrasive and tough but underneath she is a complete marshmallow. She finds happiness in small acts of kindness but she is no pushover. "I’m not one to shy away from confrontation, but I always pick my battles," she says about how she'll manage life in the mansion. "Not everyone is worth fighting, but I won’t hold back for the ones that are."

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Lauren
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Lauren. Photo: Network 10

Madison, 24, Marketing Coordinator, Victoria @_maddyallen

Madison hasn't been in a relationship before so she is diving head-first into The Bachelor to see if her first relationship will also be her forever one. "My love language is gift-giving, so am guaranteed to shower them with unnecessary presents," she reveals. "Also, I bake an excellent apple cinnamon cake."

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Madison.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Madison. Photo: Network 10

Rebekah, 27, Youth Support Worker, NSW @bekmodernel

If you have a secret Rebekah isn't the one you should confide in. She admits she will blurt it out and loves a bit of a gossip. Unlucky in love, the youth support worker is ready for a change. "I fall hard and fast and then get ghosted by guys that are not ready for anything serious," she says. "It always ends with me sitting on the couch, watching a rom-com, and crying my eyes out." Hopefully, this time will be different.

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Rebekah
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Rebekah. Photo: Network 10

Sierah, 28, Technical Analyst, Victoria @sweppo

A self-proclaimed alpha female Sierah knows what she wants and is not willing to compromise. "I have been single for the most part of my adult life. I am sick of flicking through Tinder and Hinge, and wasting my time on duds," she says. "I want to find a partner in life to settle down with."

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Sierah.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Sierah. Photo: Network 10

Stephanie, 27, Business Development Manager, Western Australia @ssgl

Sarcastic with a dry sense of humour, Stephanie sees no point in beating around the bush. She also knows exactly what she's looking for in a man. "Tall, dark and handsome, with a self-deprecating sense of humour, likes to go out for a couple of drinks, appreciates life, and one that I can have the deep conversations, but wants to enjoy life and have fun," she lists off. "As a sapiosexual, I definitely had a huge crush on Matt Agnew!"

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Stephanie.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Stephanie. Photo: Network 10

Stevie, 29, Hair Stylist, Queensland @steviejeangrey

When your nan describes you as: "a vibrant sexy chicken and an amazing cook", you know you have something to offer! Stevie is creative and loves life but is also realistic about love. "If I could compare myself to someone in Gossip Girl, it would be Blair, because she has high standards and loves deeply."

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Stevie.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Stevie. Photo: Network 10

Tahnee, 27, Corporate Travel Manager, Victoria @tahneerae

Tahnee knows what it's like to have a broken heart but that doesn't mean she's given up. Passionate about travel, just like Jimmy, she says that her life echoes that of the film Holidate. "In the movie, the main character joins her family for Christmas every year to a mountain of questions about why she’s still single and when she’ll settle down," she says. "I really relate to that!"

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Tahnee.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Tahnee. Photo: Network 10

Tamlyn, 25, Customer Service Officer, NSW @tamlynleigh

Originally from South Africa, Tamlyn is going into the competition with her parent's advice at the forefront of her mind: 'no matter how hard things get, you always fight for the person you love and never give up on them.' Maybe that's why when asked where she sees herself in 10 years she replied: "with the Bachelor!

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Tamlyn.
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Tamlyn. Photo: Network 10

Tatum, 26, Company Director, Queensland @tatumhargraves

She may be a wild child but Tatum also believes in the law of attraction which is why she is already living the life she designed. Now it is just love left to complete her dream life. "Hopefully I possess all of the qualities he is seeking in a partner, and vice versa," she says. If it's meant to be it will be...

The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Tatum
The Bachelor 2021 Contestant Tatum. Photo: Network 10

Annabelle, 28, Medical Equipment Installer, NSW @beloregan

Could Annabelle be one of this year's villains. According to her bio she loves to gossip and get all the juicy details. But she's also very confident. "I do tend to turn my head more for the brown hair, green/blue eyes, tanned skin and active types…," she told 10 when describing her perfect match. "Am I just describing the male version of myself?"

The Bachelor 2021 contestant Annabelle. Photo: Network 10
The Bachelor 2021 contestant Annabelle. Photo: Network 10

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