Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield sparks major Bunnings snag debate: 'Madness'

Since bursting onto TV screens on The Bachelor in 2019, Abbie Chatfield has made a name for herself with her outspoken opinions on divisive subjects such as sexuality, reproductive rights and the Covid pandemic.

But it was a seemingly benign Instagram post about the humble Bunnings sausage sizzle that stirred up a major debate among her followers.

The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield and boyfriend Konrad Bien Stephens pose for a photo in front of a giant prawn statue while holding sausages in bread. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.
Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Konrad Bien Stephens enjoyed a Bunnings sausage sizzle over the weekend. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.

Over the weekend, Abbie, 26, shared a sweet selfie with her boyfriend, former Bachelorette contestant Konrad Bien Stephens, at the iconic 'Big Prawn' in Ballina on the NSW north coast.

The cute couple had just picked up some BBQ snags from a local Bunnings and were getting ready to tuck into the classic Aussie snack.

"Whether it’s a Bunnings trip or an election, I’m gonna have a snag," Abbie captioned the smiley pic.


She made sure to document her preferred sausage sizzle toppings, BBQ sauce and onions, while Konrad appeared to opt for tomato sauce and mustard.

But it wasn't the choice of condiments that had Abbie's followers in a frenzy — it was the bread that encased the delicious meal that raised eyebrows.

Fan comments about Bunnings sausage sizzle on The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield's Instagram page. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.
The bread vs bun debate kicked off in the comments on Abbie's Instagram page. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.

While many didn't bat an eyelid at the slices of white bread, a portion of Instagram users from Western Australia were absolutely flabbergasted by the concept.

"How come your snags are in a piece of bread, in Perth they put them in buns," one Perthite remarked.

"I can’t believe you guys over east have them with bread! We are all about the buns on the west coast," added another.

"Um what is this white bread madness? Our Bunnings snags come in a bun and I won’t be having anything else please and thank you," quipped a third, prompting Abbie herself to wade into the fray.

"Woah where do you live????" she asked. "Snags ONLY in white bread!!!!"

"Must be a WA thing… we strange fruit over here," the user replied.

Bunnings buns in WA

Bunnings Warehouse has confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that WA stores do indeed use buns in their sausage sizzles.

While there's no particular reason for the bun in WA, the sausage sizzles have always been run this way there and the bun has now become part of their sizzle culture.

But that's not quite where the story ended. Back in the comments on Abbie's post, the merits of the white bread slice versus the bun continued to be a point of contention.

"A bun skews the bread-to-snag ratio," wrote one follower.

Another was pro-bun, arguing, "No sauce dripping out or onions falling on the floor with a bun! It's the only way!"

"White bread is quintessential Australiana," added a third.

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