Abbie Chatfield fires up as Covid hospitalisations rise: ‘Ridiculous'

Abbie Chatfield has demanded that healthcare workers receive higher salaries as the number of Australians hospitalised with COVID-19 increases.

The Love Island Afterparty host, who has been a staunch supporter of vaccines and taking precautionary measures during the pandemic, took to Instagram on Wednesday to air her grievances.

Abbie Chatfield.
Abbie Chatfield has taken to social media to demand that healthcare workers get paid more money. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“If any of you vote for a Federal Liberal government next election, I just want to know, like, at what point did you lose the ability to reason and absorb information?” she began.

“Because, you know, they f**ked the vaccine rollout, and we had a pretty decent heads up about Omicron and now we have no f**king tests, no facilities for testing.”


Abbie went on to say that healthcare workers, including nurses, doctors and medical clinic administrators and receptionists, “are going to quit” because of the amount of pressure they are under.

At the time of writing, the current number of hospitalised cases in Australia is 2,682 while there are 184 people currently in ICU.

“It’s f**ked,” she said. “They’re underpaid, under-resourced, understaffed at the best of times, let alone now.”

Abbie Chatfield's Instagram Stories.
Abbie said she is ‘shocked and appalled’ by how little nurses get paid. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“Please pay them more,” Abbie continued. “Pay the testing clinics more, give us free rapid antigen tests, maybe tax some mining companies and get the money from there.

“My friends who are nurses, I am shocked and appalled at how little they get paid considering the fact that they are literally holding the country together right now… It’s f**king ridiculous.”

The I’m A Celebrity champion said that it’s becoming “more and more blatantly obvious” that healthcare workers, as well as teachers, should be receiving more money.

“I know what nurses get and let me f**king tell you, it’s not enough. It’s f**king not enough,” she told her 360k followers.

Lisa Wilkinson and Scott Morrison.
Lisa Wilkinson has repeatedly called out Scott Morrison over his handling of the pandemic. Photos: Channel Ten/Getty

Abbie’s impassioned plea on social media comes after fellow outspoken public figure Lisa Wilkinson called out Prime Minster Scott Morrison online after he said he wouldn’t be making rapid antigen tests free for everyone.

“Dear PM, You told us to lockdown. We did. Told us to vaccinate. We did. Told us to get out there. We did,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Now, businesses everywhere are closing, your ‘free market’ on RAT tests sees obscene price gouging, the vulnerable exposed & kids can’t get vax appt’s. What now?”

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