Abbie Chatfield praised for relatable detail in bikini photo: 'Iconic'

Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has been praised online for sharing a very real detail in a series of bikini photos she posted to her Instagram.

The TV and podcast host was one of a host of models and influencers who attended Monday Swimwear’s Yacht Day this week, with photos from the event flooding social media.

Abbie Chatfield shows off shaving rash in bikini photo
Abbie captioned this bikini photo with 'Category is: Shaving rash'. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

Abbie shared her chosen Monday Swimwear look along with the caption: "Category is: Shaving rash".

She also added in the comments: "PSA: the new trend is shaving rash!!"

The lilac coloured bikini, and her fresh hair received plenty of praise from her followers, but it was her inclusion of "some normality" that had people cheering.


"Showing us the real female body," one person commented.

"It’s nice to see some normality in a photo," another wrote.

"Normalise the rash," was another comment, with one person calling the shaving rash "iconic".

"Finally I’m on trend with something," one person said.

Abbie Chatfield at Monday Swimwear’s Yacht Day this week
Abbie attended Monday Swimwear’s Yacht Day this week. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

It comes after the Love Island Afterparty host took another swipe at anti-vaxxers who slammed an outfit she planned to wear on holiday.

She recently showed off a mint green figure-hugging playsuit from Jaded London which she said she had planned to wear once regional travel was on again.

“What do you guys think about me travelling regionally in this outfit unlike the unvaccinated people?” she asked her followers.

At time anti-vaxxers labelled her "ignorant" and called the outfit "offensive".

Abbie chatfield byron bay
Abbie took a swipe at anti-vaxxers with her holiday snap from Byron Bay. Photo: TikTok/Abbie chatfield

The star then had the last laugh, showing off her outfit of choice during her long awaited trip to Byron Bay.

“I made it,” she said in the clip

Abbie has never been shy to call out 'trolls' on social media, telling Yahoo Lifestyle previously that she could not care less what the haters think.

"Like if you're offended that I'm talking about my vagina, no mate. I'm not scared of people being offended and being prudes about what I'm posting because, you know thrush exists, vaginas exists, masturbation happened. What are you gonna do about it?"

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