Aussie singer Tones and I looks completely unrecognisable after major transformation: 'Who is this woman?'

The singer's fans loved the new look.

Singer Tones and I
Singer Tones and I doesn't look like this anymore, with the singer undergoing a style makeover recently. Photo: Getty

Australian singer Tones and I has undergone a major transformation in recent months, with fans loving her new style. Tones, whose real name is Toni Watson, was known for her loose tracksuit and baseball caps, but has switched to a new, more glamorous look.

Fans have taken to Toni's Instagram account to compliment the singer, with one user writing, "Ok, I have always loved this girl and have been around here since she released 'Dance Monkey', she was always gorgeous to me but wtf happened to her!!!!???😲🤯......I can barely recognise her!"


"She's beautiful... So nice to see her in a dress 👏," another said.

"Loving this new style, queen!" a third wrote.

"You look amazing!! Not that you don’t look amazing in your tracksuits and runners , but I love this too!!" someone else added.

"Wow you look stunning 🔥," another said.

"Who is this woman? This isn’t the Tones I know, but I love it 😍😍😍," one fan added.

"So glad you got rid of the cap, sunnies and oversized clothes, you are beautiful and now so stylish," another said.

"Omg you look soooooo amazing and so wonderfully happy, it’s shows in every inch of your being," someone wrote.

Some also speculated that the singer had used Ozempic, but most comments were simply fans sharing their love for the singer.

Tones and I performing
It comes after Tones and I said she "didn’t have an aesthetic or a style," and judged herself very harshly. Photo: Getty

Toni has previously spoken about her appearance on the Life Uncut podcast with Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley, telling the girls in March, "I was so out of my comfort zone, I looked like I just crawled out of the gutter."

She added, "I didn’t have an aesthetic or a style, I was a chubby little girl from the street. You just put me up and then you just smash me so far down, like I didn’t have a say in anything.


"With me specifically, people were so offended by how I looked that I started pre-empting what people would think before anything was even out. And I judged myself as harsh as I could so I was really prepared for all that criticism.

"Then it wasn’t a tactic anymore. I started hating myself so badly that anything I did, I just couldn’t see a positive reaction to anything."

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