Kmart shoppers go wild for 'game changing' kitchen hack: 'Genius'

She has a quick and easy tip for those using the Kmart pie maker.

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A mum has shared her ‘helpful’ Kmart hack using an affordable appliance. Using the popular Kmart pie maker, she revealed that busy mums don’t have to cut pastry out before creating a delicious dinner.

Instead, she places an entire sheet of pastry over the bottom of the appliance, fills the holes with filling and adds another layer on top. Once the dinner has cooked, she simply cuts the four pies apart with a pair of kitchen scissors.

L: Kmart shop. R: Kmart pies in a pie maker
A mum has revealed her easy dinner 'hack' using a Kmart appliance. Photo: Kmart & Facebook

She shared photos of her entire process on a popular Kmart Facebook group. She warned other group members to make sure they pinch a little bit of pastry in the middle, as it makes separating the pies easier at the end.

“I think this is a helpful hack [with the] Kmart pie maker,” she wrote in her post. “Don’t cut the pastry up, just insert [the] full square, pinch in [the] middle section. Fill with leftovers & cook 10 mins! Cut with cooking scissors. ENJOY!

“Kids love extra pastry & [it’s] easier all round. The pies only hold a small amount, so it makes it a bit more filling & no hassle of pastry bits!!”


In the comments, she addressed concerns with some saying it sounded a bit wasteful.

“You would get more pies from cutting out the pastry and re-rolling. But for busy school night dinners, I don’t mind using a packet of pastry to save my time,” she wrote. “We love the [extra] pastry!! All the more to snap off and use like a dipper for the pie filling.”

L: Raw pastry and filling in a Kmart pie maker. R: A pie made from a Kmart pie maker
The excess pastry around the edge of the pies act as a 'handle'. Photo: Facebook

The majority of comments were positive, with many thanking the shopper for her ‘genius’ hack.

“We love using our pie maker for chicken pies but there is always so much leftover pastry, and I always say I’m going to use it for something but never do. This way will be a game changer! Plus the kids will love the extra ‘crunchies’,” one mum gushed.

“Shut the front door! I’ve been cooking pies for centuries and never thought of this. Bravo Mumma, bravo,” another added.


“God damn, now you have my attention. This is my style of pie making! Now I can finally use my pie makers after years,” a third chimed in.

“I copied this last night for a quick easy dinner and my girls LOVED the extra pastry. Thanks so much for this easy quick idea! I love it!!!” another remarked.

Many Kmart fans already own one of the Kmart pie maker that cost just $5 and makes four individual pies. For those who need to purchase an appliance, Kmart now sells a pie maker that makes six pies and will set you back $39.

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