Aussie cook reveals $1.60 secret to 'delish' crispy roast potatoes

Get your air fryer ready because an Aussie TikToker has revealed how to make crispy roast potatoes in under 20 minutes. Even better, the delicious recipe will cost you less than $2.

In a video that's been viewed 1.4 million times, airfry_jen simply pours a can of whole potatoes into a bowl, sprinkles on some salt, pepper and cajun seasoning, and then puts them into an air fryer at 220 degrees for 12 minutes.

Viewers were grateful for the tip and wasted no time recreating the recipe themselves. "I tried these. Thank you, they were delish," one TikTok user commented.

Air fryer potato recipe
Home cooks are loving the air fryer potato recipe. Photo: TikTok/airfry_jen

Another home cook agreed, writing, "Tried this and it was so quick and easy".

Someone else gave praise to the often-overlooked vegetable used in the recipe, noting, "I find that the tinned potato is underrated. They are so useful to have in the cupboard."

You can pick up a tin from Woolworths for just $1.60.

Air fryer potato recipe
This could be one of the cheapest and easiest recipes ever. Photo: Woolworths and TikTok/@airfry_jen


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Tefal Easy Fry & Grill air fryer
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Tefal XXL aluminium and black air fryer
Tefal's XXL air fryer has received a five-star rating from users. Source: Tefal

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Tefal Easy Fry Classic air fryer
Tefal's XL 4.2L capacity air fryer is a handy mid-sized option. Source: Tefal

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