Anna Paul reveals most 'hurtful' part about split from Glen Thomson: 'Damaging'

"I promise you, it's not juicy, there's nothing juicy about this breakup."

Australian OnlyFans star Anna Paul shocked the Internet on Sunday after announcing she and her boyfriend of eight years, Glen Thomson, had split.

Anna and Glen, both 24, first got together when they were 16, with the influencer sharing the news on TikTok, with a video that has been viewed over 31 million times.

Anna Paul and Glen Thomson in the water
Australian OnlyFans star Anna Paul has revealed the most 'hurtful' part about her split from Glen Thomson after eight years together. Photo: Instagram/anna_paull

"Glen and I broke up. We just aren’t in a relationship anymore and we are now both single," she said, confirming fans' worst fears after she had stopped posting about Glen as much in recent weeks.

Anna acknowledged that her fans would be upset by the news, saying, "I know that my relationship is a relationship that you guys look up to as in like, 'The only reason I believe in love is because of Anna and Glen.'"


"We still love each other so much and it was a mutual break up," she added.

At the end of the video, Glen is seen kissing Anna's forehead and smiling at the camera, with one fan questioning, "Can someone pls explain to me why did Glen kiss her at the end?"

"Because we love each other," Anna responded.

Anna Paul and Glen Thomson kiss
The pair has maintained that the split was mutual and they still love each other. Photo: Instagram/glenthomsonn

Others commented that they were in tears over the split, with one user writing, "I’m bawling. I feel like I just got broken up with."

Many also shared that they had hoped it was an elaborate prank.

"It’s the missing shoes in the back," another user said, pointing out that only her shoes were on the shelves behind her. "I hope you both can heal from this! I love you guys."

While the pair has maintained the split was amicable, Glen has been accused of cheating on Anna, however, he has since addressed the rumours, writing on Instagram, "There are sooo many fake conversations online about one of us cheating!"

He added, "I just wanted to clear that neither of us cheated. We both aren't like that."

'A very long time coming'

Anna Paul addresses rumours about split
Anna addressed the countless rumours that she and Glen had cheated on each other in a new video on Monday. Photo: TikTok/anna..paull

Anna took to TikTok on Monday to update her fans and remind them it was a mutual split.

"In all honesty, this breakup was a very long time coming," she said. "We've been together for eight years, and relationships go through ups and downs, and, not fights, but more like, 'Should we even be together?' Like, 'Is this right?' It has had that for a long time, there have been moments where we've been close to breaking up very often, actually, out of love, like mutual breakups.

"So, that's why I'm not insanely shocked, and he's not insanely shocked."

She added that despite the fact they weren't 'shocked' by the split, they were still very emotional about it.

"Trust me, I've been crying, Glen's been crying, but we're not like, shocked, like shattered, like can't believe that this happened."

Anna also shared that she and Glen had come close to breaking up several times in the past. Photo: Instagram/anna_paull
Anna also shared that she and Glen had come close to breaking up several times in the past. Photo: Instagram/anna_paull

Anna also addressed the countless rumours that she and Glen had cheated on each other, pleading with her followers to stop spreading false information, "Please, this was a completely mutual decision between both of us and that is it, there is no bad blood."

"I promise you, it's not juicy, there's nothing juicy about this breakup, I'm so sorry, I know you guys love the juice, there is no juice," she joked. "We still love each other so much, we're still best friends, you're going to see him in videos here and there."

She added that the pair have plans to catch up and that Glen has told her to call him if she ever needs anything, something she says she'll take him up on.

'Hurtful and damaging'

Anna also begged her followers not to leave comments on her videos in future saying they miss Glen, "Please don't do that, it breaks my heart, it's going to make me really sad seeing that all the time, so please, respect that we have made this decision and it wasn't easy."

She said that their breakup was the 'healthiest on planet Earth', adding, "So, we're both happy and we're both sad."

"The only thing that is actually hurtful and damaging are the conspiracy theories here and there, like, 'I think this happened,' and it was like 50,000 likes and everyone's like, 'Yeah, I agree, that definitely happened, you can see it in their eyes!'"

She shared that Glen had come to her after he saw the fake messages that seemed to prove he was cheating on her, to which she told him, "Please don't read those, please don't read the fake s**t."

"Like that is the damaging s**t, when 50,000 people agree that Glen definitely cheated on me," she said. "Please just be nice because, I mean, I'm used to getting those types of comments and I'm used to being on social media and seeing fake things but Glen is not."

She ended by once again saying she loves her fans and thanked them for their support.


How much does Anna Paul earn?

The Aussie star, who is of Turkish and German descent, is in the top 0.01% of OnlyFans creators and the top OnlyFans creator in Australia, charging $9.99 per month for a subscription.

With a fiercely loyal fanbase on the adult-only subscription site, she first gained notoriety for her day-in-the-life vlogs, travel videos and stream of content about her and Glen’s relationship.

According to the Daily Mail, Anna is worth between $6 - 7 million, and Instagram account Dutch Minty reports she earns a whopping $220,00 per month before tax.

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