Aussie woman divides opinion by pole dancing on popular beach

A pole dancer has hit back at suggestions she's a bad influence.

An Aussie woman has divided onlookers by showing off her pole dancing skills in skimpy outfits at Sydney's most famous beach.

The TikToker, who goes by the name Dirdy Birdy, shared clips of herself performing complex moves on a metal pole at North Bondi's open-air gym.

"Why they put that by the beach? Influence the young ones?" one critic commented. "I remember when this behaviour was only in strip clubs," another disgraced viewer wrote.

Bondi beach pole dancing
The woman's pole dancing moves scandalised onlookers. Photo: TikTok/@dirdybirdyofficial2

In response to the backlash, several TikTok users rushed to the dancer's defence. "Influence them to what, train and be strong as f**k? Dude's the one sexualising what is a display of insane core strength," one viewer commented. "Influence the young to exercise and be strong," another agreed.


Many pointed out the similarities between pole dancing and gymnastics, which both require a high level of flexibility and athleticism. "You move through the air like a diver swimming through water," one admirer said.

Dirdy Birdy remained unaffected by the criticism. "If seeing this makes your kids into sexual deviants, means you did a really bad job raising them," she hit back.

'Completely normal'

The Melbourne local also came to the defence of a man some viewers labelled a "creeper" for stopping and watching her work the pole. "I didn't feel uncomfortable with him watching," she said in a follow-up video. "Also I'm doing something pretty out of the ordinary. I feel like it's completely normal for a guy or girl to wanna stop and watch."

However, the long-time dancer did cause confusion by admitting she prefers not to be filmed by passers-by. "It's not that I don't want to be recorded. I just don't want you recording a fail," she clarified in another follow-up video.

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