Ally Langdon's brutal dig at Karl Stefanovic after leaving Today: 'Surprised'

Ally’s savage comment left the audience in stitches.

It’s been over a year since Ally Langdon walked away from hosting Today alongside Karl Stefanovic, but the banter between the pair is as strong as ever.

The former breakfast TV duo reunited at Channel Nine’s 2024 launch event in Melbourne on Friday where they joked about spending a night on the town the previous evening.

 Today's Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo / Ally Langdon.
Ally Langdon took a swipe at her former Today co-host Karl Stefanovic at a Channel Nine event on Friday. Photos: Supplied

“I know how much pain you’re in right now after last night,” she remarked.

“Geez you checked out early, didn’t you,” Karl replied. “Couple of years at Today, gives it up for primetime.”

Ally then took a brutal swipe at her former co-host, leaving the crowd in stitches.

“If you stick around, you end up looking like this,” she joked while pointing at Karl, who copped the jibe on the chin.


The A Current Affair host then began asking her successor Sarah Abo about her first year on the job when she took another dig at Karl.

“Sarah I’m surprised I haven't had more phone calls, which makes me think there are certain things he doesn’t do any more like put his feet up in the ad breaks and steal your breakfast,” she said.

“Ally, I'm convinced you’ve blocked my number from your phone because all that is still very much happening and you're not helping me out, sister,” Sarah responded. “Come on, pick up the phone!”

“Some things are just a lost cause, sweetheart. You’re on your own,” Ally laughed.

Today's Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon.
Karl told Ally he was ‘incredibly proud’ of her for moving onto A Current Affair last year. Photo: Channel Nine

Karl's sweet tribute to Ally

The conversation eventually took a sweet turn when Karl said he was “incredibly proud” of Ally for moving onto A Current Affair and “slaying it”.

“It’s a great endorsement of what you can do as a person but also your ability to take on that challenge and to really nail it,” he shared.

“And for Sarah to go into that role - I don't think you made it easy for her. You slipped off a surfboard, you were on Endone for eight months. It’s a really hard grinding job and I'm really proud of her.”

The horrific incident Karl was referring to was when Ally injured her knee while filming a watersports segment on the breakfast show in 2021 and was forced to undergo surgery.


The TV veteran went on to say that since he returned to Today in 2020 after taking a year off, he’s “fallen completely and utterly in love” with the role.

“Working with [Ally] for those three years and with Sarah, it's given me a great sense of responsibility,” he detailed. “You've got to be a voice for people in the morning.

“It's a great show for exercising all the various personalities that I have - I've got a very short attention span. And there's nothing like three and a half hours of live TV. It is grinding, but the team that I'm lucky enough to be with makes it easier. They’re brilliant.”

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