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Skin confidence: How to completely refresh your face for the new year

Get results only medical professionals can deliver - at a great price.

Looking after your skin can be expensive. Whether it's serums and topical creams, or LED and light therapy, it's often hard to find quality products and treatments at a reasonable price.

Skin-conscious Aussies spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty treatments, because while using reputable dermatologists and therapists is essential, their services sure don't come cheap.

But now there's a new way of receiving professional skin treatments at a price that doesn't break the bank: Laser Clinics provide accessible and medical-grade aesthetic treatments that were previously only available at eye-watering costs.

Cosmetic injector treating woman at Laser Clinics
Medical-grade aesthetic treatments don't have to cost a fortune at Laser Clinics. Photo: Supplied

The Laser Clinics service is underpinned by a medical advisory council, made up of leading dermatologists and non-surgical aesthetic doctors, who provide expert governance over all treatments and ensure client safety always comes first.

Before and after of woman who has had skin treatment at Laser Clinics
Laser Clinics offer treatments that can reduce dark circles. Photo: Supplied

Offering injectables, body sculpting, skin treatments and even laser hair removal, Laser Clinics provide targeted treatments that help you feel comfortable in your own skin.


All their injectors are highly trained registered nurses and doctors, so customers can feel totally confident in the procedure they're having.

Before and after of man who has had skin treatment Laser Clinics
Fix your pigmentation issues at Laser Clinics. Photo: Supplied

Clients can't stop raving about the treatments they've received. "My nurse was unbelievable; patient, professional and knowledgeable with injectables," wrote one happy customer in an online review after receiving injectables in her lips. "She gave me plenty of time to be comfortable, and was so precise."

Before and after pictures of woman with acne after treatment at Laser Clinics
Laser Clinics' BBL Hero treatments for acne produce great results. Photo: Supplied

People who've had the new clinic's BBL Hero treatments have seen incredible results too. This treatment uses light energy to quickly and gently heat the upper layers of the skin, stimulating skin cells to regenerate. This helps reduce acne, pigmentation, dark circles, sun spots and broken capillaries.

"I was struggling with my hormonal acne," said another customer. "After my third treatment I can see the difference on my face. I will definitely be back again."

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