Today's Karl Stefanovic loses it over 'mean' Sarah Abo sledge

Karl Stefanovic couldn't hide his amusement at the rogue viewer comment.

Today show host Karl Stefanovic has lost it laughing over a 'mean' comment about his co-host, Sarah Abo, in a hilarious video. While the duo may be on their Christmas break from the show at the moment, a social media video has shown the pair reading out some of the viewers' real thoughts about them - and not all of them are nice.

"Karl and Sarah have been co-hosts for a year now, so we wanted to share some of your thoughts from 2023..." the caption read.

Today show host Sarah Abo in red
Today's Sarah Abo was unimpressed by the 'sledge'. Photo: Channel Nine

Some of the comments from the viewers were harmless, with one asking why Karl "gives off Phil Dunphy vibes" referencing the goofy Modern Family character and another pondering why Sarah "laughs at nothing".

However, one comment really stopped Sarah in her tracks, with the viewer asking: “Why would a professional like Sarah Abo go on the Today show?”

Sarah seemed a bit taken aback by the quip, replying: “Ooh it’s a bit mean that one. Sledge."

The camera then panned to Karl Stefanovic who absolutely lost it, leaving Sarah jokingly unimpressed.


Karl Stefanovic laughing
Karl Stefanovic lost it. Photo: Channel Nine

However, it wasn't the only comment that may have hit a bit too close to home, with one viewer saying: “I feel bad for Sarah Abo. I hope she’s the first to outlast Karl."

Sarah laughed as she looked at Karl and said: "Sorry Karlos."

The Today show controversies

Indeed Karl has had a tumultuous time on the show, bidding farewell to the morning TV gig in 2018 not long after a string of controversies, including the breakdown of his marriage and the now famous 'Ubergate' scandal with his brother, Peter Stefanovic.

However, new hosts Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight struggled to regain viewers and Today's ratings hit an all-time low. Karl was back in the hosting chair by 2020, this time alongside Allison Langdon.

Sarah Abo took over in 2022 and at the 2023 Logies, host Sam Pang made a joke about the Today show's long line of hosts of the last few years.

Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo on Today
Sarah Abo took over as co-host of the show last year. Photo: Channel Nine

He said: “And what would a Logies be without Karl Stefanovic, hey? Where is he? There he is on the Today show table. Sitting next to your co-host, who do you have this year, Karl? No, of course, it is the highly respected journalist Sarah Abo who has gone from 60 Minutes where she covered the Russia-Ukraine war and the conflict in Syria to Today where her biggest story so far has been covering the Gympie potato festival."

In May, Nine's director of morning television Steve Burling came out swinging against an article in the Daily Telegraph claiming a source told them Nine executives were 'worried' about 'the Karl/Sarah combination'.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: "The story published today is total fabrication and a distortion of the old-fashioned and out of date overnight ratings system.

"We are in a good position with Today and Today Extra in metropolitan and east coast audiences, and in the all-important younger demographics.

"Our team is working brilliantly together and our audience response to the line-up couldn't be more positive."

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