Today hosts walk off set after debate about washing pyjamas

Things escalated on the Today show after the hosts started discussing a viral debate about pyjama washing.

The Today hosts have been caught up in a debate after discussing how often they wash their pyjamas, leading to two of the hosts walking off set.

Christine Ahern, Jayne Azzopardi, and Clint Stanaway were discussing the viral dilemma after a US doctor revealed that you should be washing your PJs every three wears.

Today host Clint Stanaway
Things went rogue on the Today show after the hosts started discussing how often to wash pyjamas.

"That sounds about right," Jayne said. "Sometimes my children, I have to change them more frequently because you get a bit of Weet-Bix on the pyjamas at breakfast."

When Clint asked Christine, she admitted to once a week.

"Maybe once a week, is that gross?" she asked before Clint followed up and asked her if she even wore PJs.


"Thank you for the question, Clint," Christine responded shortly, gently pushing him away.

"Thank you, yes I do wear PJs for everybody interested out there," she said directly to the camera as Clint and Jayne laughed.

"You just... give them a little sniff," Clint continued, with Jayne saying "nup" and Christine calling him "terrible" before they both walked off set.

"What?!" Clint said with his hands up, as the camera zoomed in on him.

Watch the awkward moment below:

People in the comments left their opinions about how often to wash your good old PJs.

"New set every day," one pyjama fan commented. "Once a week, shower every day," another person said.

"New set every night and shower twice a day minimum!" one clean freak said.

Some people admitted to not having to wash them for a very valid reason.

"Don't wear them so no worries," one person said. "Never wear any PJs, so much more comfortable," another person commented.

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