Aldi shoppers stunned by $2.60 cleaning product: 'Wouldn't use anything else'

Customers say this budget item works just as well as big-name brands.

Finding a home cleaning product that actually works wonders can be super satisfying, but when it costs less than $3 it’s even better.

That's exactly what one Aldi customer has discovered after picking up what he has dubbed "the best" shower cleaner on the market.

The shopper was so impressed he said it wasn't worth forking out the extra cash on popular mould removers, as the Aldi version does a significantly better job.

Aldi Power Force Mould Away spray
Aldi shoppers are raving about Power Force Mould Away spray. Photo: Facebook

"Don't waste your $$$ on the expensive stuff get this! AMAZING! Used it on the shower and the residue just runs off straight away and minimal scrubbing is needed!" the shopper gushed online about the product.

While Aldi shoppers are usually flipping out over the store's DiSan products, this customer was impressed by the store's Power Force Mould Away spray, which retails for $2.59.

The mould removal spray is Aldi's answer to the popular cleaning product Exit Mould but can be purchased for a quarter of the price.


Other Aldi shoppers who had already caught on to the effective yet affordable cleaning option said they were equally as impressed.

"It's good and works well. Always use Aldi cleaning products," one person commented.

"I couldn't agree more. I don't even scrub, this does all the work," someone else concurred.

"My go-to for every mould issue and no elbow grease needed," added a third.

"It's my favourite thing for the shower, the glass, the toilet, the kitchen cupboards, the walls... everywhere!” a fourth wrote.

Aldi Power Force Mould Away spray
The popular item gets the job done with minimal effort, say Aldi customers. Photo: Aldi

Several professional cleaners also agreed Power Force Mould Away is "the best" product on the market for removing mould and cleaning with minimal effort. "I'm a cleaner and this is the only mould spray I use," one wrote. "I'm a professional cleaner and use this one," another added.


Fans' claims have been backed up by CHOICE, who have given the cleaning spray an expert rating of 86%. It was also listed on the consumer advocacy group's best bathroom cleaners list for 2022, which tests for performance, best removal of soap scum and value for money.

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