Massive Aldi mistake sends shoppers into stitches: 'You had one job'

The retail giant made a huge pricing error.

With the cost of living in Australia rising each day, savvy shoppers have turned to budget retailers such as Aldi and Kmart to grab a bargain. Aldi fans often share their incredible deals online so that others can follow suit, however, one shopper was alarmed when she spotted a packet of southern-styled chicken on the shelf.

According to the label, the 1.2kg packet of coated chicken was reduced from an eye-watering $313.42 to $284.89. The mistake was likely made when a staff member incorrectly entered the weight of the item, as the reduced sticker says the chicken weighs 28.5kg.

L: Chicken pieces at Aldi for an expensive price. R: Aldi sign
The shopper was shocked when she spotted this packet of chicken in Aldi. Photo: Getty & Facebook

The Aldi fan quickly shared a snap of the chicken on a popular Facebook group.

“Had a bit of a laugh today…they had one job,” the shopper wrote. “Not today Aldi, not today.”

In the comments, she added that she quickly showed staff who rectified the mistake before the chicken was purchased.

“I took this pic and showed them…they announced for someone to come down to the register to tell them pretty fast,” she added. “I just thought it was a bit of a laugh. The staff thought it was funny too.”


Other Aldi fans found the blunder hilarious and flooded her post with comments.

“Every week groceries just keep going up and up, but that’s one hell of a jump…lol,” one person wrote.

“I’ve heard of inflation…but that’s just insane!” another quipped.


“Must have been made of gold,” a third joked.

“Yikes!” Aldi used to be so affordable,” another remarked.

The shopper wasn’t the only one to have experienced a pricing error, with other Aldi fans sharing their own experiences.

“When I worked at Aldi I scanned a roast chicken for $232. The customer was like wtaf? I said the same,” one recalled.

“That’s happened to me before. You have to laugh,” another added.

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