Aldi's versatile cult stain remover hailed a 'game changer'

Aldi Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover is a bit of a cult product among house proud Aussie mums.

It comes in two varieties, the oxygen activated which promises to lift tough stains and the Degreaser, which has added enzymes to lift oily spots.

And at just $1.95, it might be tough on stains, but it's certainly not tough on your wallet.

Aldi's cult product Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover Degreaser on a white background with product title, bottle size and price per bottle, per litre on right on an orange background
Aldi's cult product Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover Degreaser is great for all types of household mishaps! Photo: Aldi

One mum recently took to a Facebook cleaning group to ask what else she could use it for.

"Ok lovely people I finally walked into Aldi and I brought the Di San stain remover with enzyme killer. Now, what can I use it for apart from on clothes?" she asked.

The group members were quick to respond with a range of innovative alternative uses.


"I accidentally used it on my walls and it was amazing," one commented.

So where else can you use this wonder spray?

The Bathroom

"I use it in my shower on glass and tile grout, around my sink drains, around my taps, even in the toilet," one mum wrote.

A woman standing in the bathroom holding a blue bucket full of cleaning products
The laundry stain remover also works great in your bathroom. Photo: Getty Images

"Amazing on grout. Spray, in grout, leave on for a bit, quick scrub and wipe away," another shared.

"On your glass shower screens, OMG a game changer," a third mum said.


"I use it on carpet stains. Spray on stain leave it for five mins then scrub," one person commented.

"l even got blood off the carpet," someone added. "My partner had cut his hand he fell downstairs and cut it pretty bad on l retractable walking stick there was a lot of blood and all came off."

Close-up image of woman wearing gloves removing stain from the carpet
Members said they had used Di San Degreaser to remove stains including blood from their carpet. Photo: Getty Images

In the kitchen

"I use it for cleaning the kitchen. Fantastic," one mum said.

Shot of a father and son cleaning the kitchen counter together at home
The kitchen was another area that people used the stain remover to clean. Photo: Getty Images

"I use it on the filters above the cooktop – spray, wait, brush, rinse," she instructed. "The easiest cleaner I have found so far."

For Pet Owners

"Neutralises urine," another mum wrote - enzyme-based stain removers break down the stain and odour of urine and faeces on a molecular level to get rid of them rather than just covering them up.

A tiny Brussels Griffon puppy sitting sheepishly near puddle on a grey rug
Pet or child accidents were also helped by this cleaner with enzymes. Photo: Getty Images

Others were straight to the point: "Everything you want to clean."

But none of this is news to Aldi.

"The award-winning Di San Oxy Action Pre Wash Stain Remover has been a customer favourite for many years, winning ALDI’s People’s Picks award three years in a row!" an Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"It’s an effective stain remover for everyday dirt and grime specially formulated for cold water washing. Di San Oxy Action Pre-Wash Stain Remover can be used to remove stains that washing alone cannot shift - even wine, coffee and tea are no match for it!" they added.

"Made here in Australia, the lemon fragranced product continues to outperform more expensive products on the market, delivering amazing quality for only $1.95."

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