Aldi shoppers rave about return of 'excellent' French cookware dupes: 'My most used pan'

The Le Creuset lookalikes are a kitchen staple according to countless foodies who absolutely 'love' the range.

Aldi Crofton cook ware range.
Aldi cast iron cookware is back, with the popular Dutch oven hitting shelves on June 8. Photo: Supplied/Aldi

Hundreds of Aussie foodies are losing it after Aldi announced the return of their popular kitchen must-have — a $26 Le Creuset dupe. The budget German retailer’s famous Crofton cast iron cookware will hit shelves on June 8 as part of the store’s Special Buys, with the full range available.

The cookware quickly became a fan-favourite product, garnering thousands of glowing reviews over the years. Many agree that the Aldi version of the Dutch Oven works “just as well” as the costly Le Creuset version.

“For those who didn't buy themselves some cast iron cookware at Aldi last year, they're doing it again!” one excited home cook wrote in a Facebook recipe group.

“I bought the Dutch oven to make the no-knead bread, and I've used it for so many things!! It's great!”


Some food enthusiasts said they may not be able to afford the lookalike cookware which ranges in price from $19.99 to $34.99, but the Aldi alternative is a fraction of the price of the $480 French-made original.

Many are insisting that it's well worth the price. “I bought all of them in a lovely teal blue last year, and I use them all the time. Strongly recommend,” one person offered.

“Because of the terrific price, we have another set to use on the BBQ and open fire,” another wrote amongst the hundreds of comments.

Crofton cast iron saucepan.
The cookware comes in with a durable, three-layer enamel coating with prices starting at $19.99. Photo: Supplied/Aldi

The cookware available includes a $34.99 3.5-litre cast iron French pan, a $26.99 4-litre Dutch oven, a $26.99 cast iron roasting pan as well as a griddle pan, 1.7-litre saucepan and frypan for $19.99 each.

All are available in various colours, including cream, sage green and navy blue and are suitable for all stovetops, including gas, electric, glass ceramic and induction. They also come with a five-year warranty.

In the past, the Dutch ovens have been popular, but it seems that shoppers are particularly eager to snap up another item in the range this year.

The French pan appears to be on everyone’s wish list, with most saying it’s the most versatile for cooking a range of meals, from frying eggs to searing meats.

Aldi's French pan appears to be the most sought-after item in the range this time around with dozens dying to get their hands on it. Photo: Supplied/Aldi
Aldi's French pan appears to be the most sought-after item in the range this time around with dozens dying to get their hands on it. Photo: Supplied/Aldi

“I was given the French pan two years ago, and it’s seriously like my most used pan now! Fab for risotto, frying, sauces, casseroles…” one person shared.

“The French pan is an excellent addition to any kitchen, I use mine a lot,” agreed another.

“Got the French Pan from Aldi 8+ years ago, use it regularly, and it’s still going strong. Highly recommend it!” a third said.

However, not everyone was convinced that the budget dupe range was the best option, with some voicing concerns over the product’s quality.

“I've had the Aldi ones for about 18 months with no problems until this morning when the enamel started to come off while I was browning some steak for a ragu,” one person stated.

Aldi baking tray filled with roast potatoes and vegetables.
The Aldi range comes with a five-year warranty. Photo: Supplied/Aldi

“After picking enamel bits off the meat, I chucked it. They're cheap for a reason.”

Another agreed, saying: “Aldi cast iron pot chipped the first week, then enamel was coming off! I returned, and they refunded, with no questions asked!”


Despite a few negative reviews, it goes without saying that if you want these Special Buys, you better act fast — they’re sure to sell out once again.

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