Aldi's $3.99 air fryer snack has shoppers raving: 'I NEED this'

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Shoppers are raving about a delicious snack from Aldi that's not only affordable but perfect for cooking in the kitchen gadget of the season, the air fryer.

A TikTok user showcased the German store's Crumbed Camembert which, at $3.99 a pack, contains two 75g wheels of the gooey French cheese and cranberry dipping sauce.

Aldi Crumbed Camembert. Photo: TikTok/emilyclairwebster.
Aldi's $3.99 Crumbed Camembert two-pack has shoppers raving. Photo: TikTok/emilyclairwebster.

"For $3.99 this is a great last-minute appetiser as it only takes 10 minutes in the oven," explained @emilyclairwebster in their video.

Emily demonstrated the crunchy treat in action, slicing a freshly-baked round in half before smearing a bit on a cracker and adding a dollop of cranberry sauce.

"So yummy and great to eat on a cold night," Emily said.

But it seems as though Emily missed out on the optimal Crumbed Camembert experience, as one TikTok user pointed out in the comments section.


Aldi Crumbed Camembert. Photo: TikTok/emilyclairwebster.
TikTok user @emilyclairwebster served her freshly-baked Crumbed Camembert on a cracker. Photo: TikTok/emilyclairwebster.

"Yes, I had it a couple of weeks ago. I cooked it in my air fryer," the user wrote, adding, "It was the bomb".

In reply, Emily agreed to give the air fryer method a go next time.

"Ooh I NEED this!" declared another TikTok user.

"They also have crumbed Mac & Cheese patties in the fridge section," advised a third.

Indeed, the golden Mac & Cheese Crispbites quickly became a must-have for air fryer fans, who deemed them 'next level amazing yum!'.

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