Kmart $20 appliance goes viral after shoppers' doughnut hack: 'Divine'

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A Kmart hack is going viral online. Photo: Getty Images

A Kmart appliance is going viral online after people have started to share an incredible hack to make delicious treats.

The $20 Sausage Roll Maker has always been a cult buy from the bargain retailer, with over 630 five-star reviews on the company’s website.

However, people have started to think outside the box with the non-stick appliance and are now showing off their doughnut creations in a Kmart Facbeook group online.

Doughnut recipe
This is the list of products one woman used to make her doughnuts. Photo: Facebook
Homemade doughnuts
And this is the result. Photo: Facebook

One person uploaded a list of the ingredients she used to create the desserts, showing $4 White Wings Donut Bites, $5.30 Paul’s Double Thick Custard, $4 Whipped Cream from Woolies, $3 Aunt Betty’s Whipped Cream and $5.20 Top ‘n’ Fill Caramel ,which can be bought from Woolworths.

“Had a go at making donuts with my Kmart sausage roll make. Was very popular in my house,” the woman wrote.

She said she simply popped the White Wings Donut Bites mixture into the sausage roll maker for seven minutes and was delighted with the result.


Kmart sausage roll maker
Kmart sausage roll maker. Photo: Kmart

Her post has received over 600 comments from people who ran out to buy their own sausage roll maker so they could recreate the recipe at home.

“I did it…. 7mins in the sausage roll maker and they’re amazing!!” one person wrote.

“OMG Yes Yes Yes” another person said.

Kmart doughnut maker
Others have also tried their own variation of the recipe. Photo: Facebook
Doughnuts made using Kmart sausage roll maker
Everyone says the doughnuts went down a treat at home. Photo: Facebook

Others also posted photos of their own delights, with one person saying: “Jumped on the sausage roll maker doughnuts bandwagon and OMG they turned out better than I expected and tasted just divine. Gawd Bless Kmart Sausage Roll Maker. I can now bake.”

She said she used Betty Crocker cake mix (made to instructions), strawberries sliced, and caramel buds finely chopped.

She also cooked it in her sausage roll maker for seven minutes and let them cool completely before slicing them.

To garnish her doughnuts, she put icing sugar in the middle and adding strawberries before scattering a dusting of icing and caramel buds.

If you can’t get your hands on the Kmart sausage roll maker, we’ve rounded up a few more below:

$20.99 at Kogan

Kogan Sausage Roll Maker
Kogan Sausage Roll Maker. Photo: Kogan

$46.49 at Dick Smith

Dick Smith Pastry Maker
Pastry Maker. Photo: Dick Smith

$25 at Woolworths

Mistral Pastry Chef Maker from Woolworths
Mistral Pastry Chef Maker. Photo: Woolworths

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