Neighbours star Scarlet Vas reveals she's making a fortune using OnlyFans with stepbrother/husband

The former actress married her stepbrother last year.

Former Neighbours star Scarlet Vas made headlines last year after marrying her stepbrother, and now the actress has shared that she's earning a whole lotta money by sharing content on OnlyFans.

Scarlet played the role of policewoman Mishti Sharma on Neighbours in 2017 for a year, before departing Ramsay Street. She's also appeared in the mini-series The Warriors.

Scarlet said in an interview on the Uncensored Podcast that she wasn't earning a lot on OnlyFans to start with, but now since setting up her own agency, her earnings have skyrocketed, especially due to the appearances of her now-husband Tayo Ricci.

Scarlet Vas
Scarlet shot to fame on Neighbours in 2017. Photo:

Tayo, who is a musician and TikTok star with over 7 million followers, is also on OnlyFans and helps Scarlet with her content, with Scarlet saying that over the past couple of months, she's consistently been earning over $200k.


Talking about her relationship, the former actress said: "I mean the fans love us as like a thing or not a thing. He's my stepbrother and Australian and we've known each other for a very long time."

The couple said they don't film racier content playing the role of stepsiblings, with Tayo saying, "To be honest, to the standard that people expect, honestly no. Like close family friends would assume we're doing porn because we're making that much money but we're not."

Tayo and Scarlet on their wedding day
Tayo and Scarlet on their wedding day. Photo:

The couple tied the knot last year in a wedding in Greece, many fans questioning whether the pair had legitimately gotten married, due to the comical nature of their social media accounts. However, videos on Scarlet’s Instagram account showed them dancing the night away with their guests.


Scarlet also uploaded footage of Tayo serenading her with a song he wrote for her and the couple hitting the dancefloor for their first dance.

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