The $4 Aldi product that beat out bigger brands in taste test

Supermarket house brands are becoming more and more popular with shoppers in the battle against big brands and your wallet.

Coles and Woolworths stock different tiers of their house brands, but Aldi is famous for theirs and have built their whole business around it.

Aldi sign
Aldi has beaten out Coles and Woolworths in the battle of house brands. Photo: Getty

Speaking of the takeover of supermarket house brands, CHOICE food editor Rachel Clemons said, "House brand products make up a significant – and increasing – proportion of supermarkets' ranges."

"They're big cash cows for supermarkets as they get to keep more of the profits and spend less on advertising."

And not only are they generally cheaper than other brands, they have also seen a big improvement in quality.


But when it comes to Aldi, Coles and Woolworths, Aldi's products came out on top during testing by CHOICE.

The publication tested over 70 products from the three top supermarkets which saw Aldi upstage its rivals with six wins (including two ties) across ten categories. Woolworths and Coles tied after receiving three wins each.

Aldi top home brand products
Aldi won in six categories coming out as the supermarket with the best house brands. Photo: Supplied

The house brand products were also tested against name brands.

When it came to ice cream, Aldi's Monarc Indulge Vanilla Opulence and Woolworth's Vanilla Bean ice cream came out on top in a tie with Connoisseur, which is more than double the cost of the house brands.

Aldi also came out on top when it came to butter with their Beautifully Butterfully unsalted butter winning first place followed by Coles Australian butter and Woolworths Macro Certified Organic Salted Butter.

The Aldi butter was only bested by Lurpak and Western Star.

When it comes to strawberry jam, Aldi's Grandessa Signature Jam and Woolworths Essentials Jam came in at equal first with 74 per cent, and were only one point behind winner Beerenberg.

Make sure you don't accidentally grab Aldi's Grandessa Strawberry Conserve by accident, that one didn't score so high at just 36 per cent.

Woolworths top home brand products
Woolworths managed to come out on top in three categories, after tying with Aldi with their ice cream. Photo: Supplied

Coffee fans may want to head to Coles for their Fair-trade Organic Freeze Dried Coffee, which came out on top ahead of Woolworths Freeze Dried Classic Coffee and Alcafe Aldi Classic Gold.

Coles' $4 coffee didn't just win in the house brands category, but actually won overall, beating Moccona, Nescafe and Lavazza.

If tea is more your thing, head to Aldi to grab the Aldi Diplomat tea cup bags which came out on top, beating Coles cup tea bags and Woolworths Essentials tea bags.

However, they were all relatively close with just one percentage between Aldi and Coles and three between Coles and Woolworths.

The white bread test came as quite the surprise with Coles Gluten Free bread coming out on top and only being beaten by one percentage point with Wonder Wholegrain White winning overall.

Aldi Baker's Life came second and Woolworths Country White followed.

Coles top home brand products
In what was perhaps the most surprising win, Coles managed to come first in the bread category with a gluten-free bread! Photo: Supplied

Aldi Colway tomato sauce was the cheapest tomato sauce, but also the best of the supermarket brands.

Woolworths tomato sauce and Coles tomato sauce came in second and third respectively.

IGA's Community Co's Squeeze Of Tomato Sauce managed to top the list interestingly, beating out Heinz, Masterfoods, and Fountain.

Coles came out on top when it came to shredded cheese with Coles Australia Mozzarella Cheese, followed by Woolworths Australian Mozzarella and then Aldi Westacre Tasty Light.

Aldi did manage to outscore 15 other cheeses including cheeses from brands like Bega and Coon.

Woolworths came out on top in the muesli bar competition with their Chewy Choc Drizzle, beating Coles Choc Chip and Aldi Hillcrest Chewy Choc Squiggle.

The ultimate winner was Uncle Toby's followed by Carmen's which was equal second with Woolies.

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