Aldi's tech dupe Special Buy divides shoppers

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An Aldi smartwatch Special Buy set to go on sale next Wednesday, August 26 has some shoppers thrilled beyond belief after it was dubbed an ‘amazing’ alternative to the $200 Fitbit or even $600 to $800 Apple and Samsung watches.

The $39.99 SmartWatch from the retailer is being hailed as the ideal Father’s Day gift, but now shoppers are debating whether or not the watch can live up to the hype.

Aldi Smartwatch $39.99 Special buy on sale Wednesday August 26
The $39.99 Aldi watch is being compared to Fitbit and Apple watches, but how does it measure up? Photo: Aldi

For the staggeringly low price, most agree the watch is an absolute steal, but some are warning the watch is not one of Aldi’s best Special Buys by a long shot

Some shoppers in love with ‘amazing’ buy

On Facebook, one shopper asked others for their feedback on the watch, with a flurry of vastly different responses coming in.

“Got one last time, very happy with it,” one shopper reported.

“I have one from last round it's awesome wouldn't be without it,” another agreed.


On online site Product Review, some agreed that the watch was worth the relatively cheap price.

“For $39 this is the best value smartwatch on market, easy to use and the charge lasts days,” one shopper reported. “The FunDo app works seamlessly with the watch and it even tells the time.”

The FunDo app is the product’s app downloaded to your device to pair with the watch.

Others not sold on Special Buy Smartwatch

Image of Aldi store: Special Buys smartwatch divides customer
Not all Aldi fans were sold on the watch. Photo: Aldi

One shopper reported the watch didn’t deliver on all promises but admitted he still recommends it at the price point.

“Bought it mainly as a watch, therefore I am not too disappointed about all the “fun”-features, which really can only be guidelines, but never taken to seriously, especially Blood Pressure and Pulse,” one wrote.

“But what can you expect for just under $40?” he concluded. “I would buy it again.”

Others weren’t quite so impressed, reporting their watch’s function deteriorated in a matter of months.

“Have had this for 4 months now [and] it’s is slowly getting worse and worse,” one reviewer wrote.

“Aldi have some great products but this isn’t one of them.”

“[Mine] did not hold their charge, they last about 6 to 8 hours before going flat,” another reported. “Will be returning both tomorrow.”

Others suggested with the one year warranty included the watch was well worth a go, considering it costs less than a quarter of mainstream models.

“Don’t rely on the blood pressure, heart rate function, it’s not accurate,” one warned. “But to count steps and track sleep it’s the same as Fitbit etc. pretty good for that, for the price.”

“Buy it. Test it. Maybe return it,” another suggested.

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