Aldi selling bargain smart watch dupe for Father's Day

Kristine Tarbert
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You might not have thought Aldi was the place to sort out your shopping for Father’s Day, but once again the German supermarket giant has delivered.

This time in the form of a bargain smart watch available in Aldi’s upcoming Father’s Day Special Buys.

aldi smart watch special buy
Aldi is selling a smart watch for just $39.99. Photo: Aldi

Available in the Special Buys on sale Wednesday August 26, you can get your hands on a Smart Watch for just $39.99 - an absolute bargain compared to the $600-$800 plus you would shell out for an Apple or a Samsung watch.

Even a Fit Bit can set you back more than $250.

Of course the watch isn’t going to have quite the same level of tech as its more expensive counterparts, but it still has enough tricks.

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and call receive call and message notifications. It can also play your music, and track your health - measuring sleep, blood pressure and your heart rate.

smart watch
The Aldi smart watch comes in a few colours. Photo: Getty

The watch is available in a few assorted colours and comes with a One year warranty.

A few people who were lucky enough to get their hands on the device the last time it was available have been sharing positive reviews online.

“I use mine with Apple and my son uses his with Android, they are great watches and waterproof too. I wear mine in the pool and shower etc and it’s never missed a beat. Money well spent,” one happy customer wrote on Facebook.

“My husband bought one about two years ago and absolutely loved it! Even more than his very expensive Huawei,” another person said.


A few people pointed out the accuracy of the calorie counting wasn’t quite there, and it only has a limited number of sports it can track - waking, running etc. But overall for the price the feedback online seems very positive.

Muncie - Circa March 2019: Aldi Discount Supermarket. Aldi sells a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, at discount prices II
Aldi's Father's Day Special Buys are on sale August 26. Photo: Getty

Of course if you dad isn’t in to the latest tech - though you can always snag the smart watch for yourself instead - Aldi also has a few other Father’s Day specials.

There will be vinyl records for $14.99 and a turntable with detachable speakers for $99.99.

You can also grab a set of Bluetooth headphones for $39.99, or a 50-inch ultra HD smart TV for $449.

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