Abbie Chatfield spotted 'kissing Bachelorette frontrunner' in Byron Bay

He’s currently a frontrunner to win Brooke Blurton’s heart on The Bachelorette, but Konrad Bien-Stephens was reportedly spotted kissing a different star of the franchise last week.

In footage obtained by Daily Mail, a man who looks identical to the 31-year-old appears to be sharing a kiss with Bachelor season 7 runner-up and all round queen, Abbie Chatfield.

Konrad Bien-Stephens and Abbie Chatfield.
Konrad Bien-Stephens was reportedly spotted kissing Abbie Chatfield on Friday. Photos: Channel Ten / Instagram/abbiechatfield

The video reportedly shows the two reality TV stars hugging and chatting while standing in line for the bar at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay before going in for a pash.

Abbie has been vocal about her attraction towards the carpenter on her podcast, It’s A Lot, where she does weekly Bachelorette recaps.

In a recent episode, the 26-year-old declared that she and one of her best friends are “currently fighting over Konrad” and she hinted at requesting an in-person interview with him if he is ever eliminated from the show.


“It’s so cliché, but he’s got little things on his nails, like little smiles. I know it’s so soft boy, it’s cute. He’s cute. I like him,” she remarked.

Abbie also said that she wants Konrad to “take care” of her and be her “love seat”, which is a reference to the drama earlier this season where he and Brooke built a chair together on the red carpet.

Bachelorette star Konrad Bien-Stephens.
Abbie has previously said on her podcast that she thinks Konrad is “cute”. Photo: Channel Ten

A few days after her PDA with Konrad, the I’m A Celebrity champion took to Instagram to reveal that she had been on a date with a mystery man, but it’s not known who she was talking about.

She also asked her followers if she should pursue the new relationship if they have the same star sign.

“How do we feel about two Geminis being more than friends? Is it bad? Is it good? Not that I really care, or that I'm asking... But yeah, let me know,” she said, before posting a poll on her story.

In a follow-up post, she said that she and her date had “just kissed in the car listening to Savage Garden” while he downloaded an astrology app, The Pattern, for her.

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton and Konrad Bien-Stephens.
Konrad is currently a frontrunner to win Brooke’s heart on The Bachelorette. Photo: Channel Ten

With The Bachelorette narrowing down to its top 10 contestants, betting agency Sportsbet currently lists Konrad’s odds of winning in second place at $5, just behind Darvid Garayeli at $1.33.

Konrad emerged as a frontrunner after receiving the third single date of the season, where he spent a self-care day with Brooke pampering each other and opening up about their feelings.

The footage of Abbie and Konrad comes shortly after an eagle-eyed fan claimed that they saw Brooke staying at Darvid’s house in Queensland.

Taking to a popular Bachelor Facebook group, the user alleged that their parents live opposite Darvid and have spotted the pair together.

“Trying to be secretive, blinds shut, parking all the way at back of driveway etc but my sister saw [Brooke] and the suitcases she had in her Insta Story late last week too when Darvid was getting her in/out of the car,” they added.

The Bachelorette continues Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel Ten from 7:30pm.

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