Bachelorette star reveals ‘grand gesture’ that didn’t air: ‘Disappointed’

With four new intruders entering The Bachelorette mansion on Thursday night, fans were stunned to see four of the original contestants sent home in what’s been referred to as a “mass exodus”.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, recent eliminee Bec Pressing opened up about her exit and why she was so shocked that Brooke decided to say goodbye.

Bachelorette's Bec Pressing.
Bec admits she was “surprised” Brooke sent her home. Photo: Channel Ten

“You never feel completely secure in your place in the mansion but I definitely was surprised, just because the last conversation we’d had I thought was really good,” she began.

The 30-year-old charity officer admits that she was “hurt” when she left the mansion without an explanation from Brooke and wasn’t able to receive closure.

“Usually when you are trying to get to know someone, if it's not going to work out that’s obviously completely fine, but usually you would have a conversation about that,” she says.

“But you don't really have that which I guess is just something you need to deal with.”


Speaking about why she was so “confused” about her elimination, Bec reveals that there were a number of moments between herself and Brooke that viewers didn’t get to see.

“Our last conversation was me sponsoring an elephant in her name at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand that I’m really passionate about,” she details.

“We had a really good conversation and it was really nice and then it was just kind of nothing after that and I was sent home. So I was really hurt that I had done this really grand gesture and then sort of was just set aside. I was pretty upset, but it’s the name of the game.”

Bachelorette's Bec Pressing and Brooke Blurton.
Bec says she’s “grateful” to have been a part of such a groundbreaking season. Photo: Channel Ten

Although Bec acknowledges that she’s “disappointed” she wasn’t given much air time to show more of who she is, she feels lucky to have been a part of such a groundbreaking season.

“This should have happened so long ago, but I’m so grateful that it’s happening now,” she says.

“And I feel like this is just the start. Little changes like this make a really huge difference for the viewers watching and then for bigger things to happen in the future, so I’m just glad this is opening a door that needed to be opened.”

Despite both males and female contestants appearing on the show for the very first time, Bec says she never considered flirting with anyone else.

“We were all there for Brooke and it was really important that we got to know her,” she explains.

“I definitely think post-show, I would be surprised if nothing happened between any of the contestants, but there was nothing within the house that happened.”

Bachelorette contestants.
Bec reveals she thinks post-show romances between the contestants are likely. Photo: Channel Ten

As for whether the experience was as she had imagined, Bec admits it was actually better than she could have ever expected.

“All the girls got along so well. We were so caring with each other and we loved each other so much, there was just so much care,” she says.

“It was an extremely supportive environment and I didn’t expect it to be that supportive. The girls were a really strong group.”

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