The Bachelorette's Ryan on the 'cheating scandal' moment fans didn't see

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It was the scandal that rocked the Bachelorette mansion this week when Kurt shared that he believed Ryan had feelings for someone other than Brooke, causing Ryan to be eliminated on Thursday night.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle on Friday, Ryan described the whole situation where he was accused of having feelings for Jamie-Lee as a "mental rollercoaster".

The Bachelorette's Ryan
The Bachelorette's Ryan has revealed the moment fans didn't see before he was eliminated amid the 'cheating scandal'. Photo: Ten

While we saw Brooke speak to Jamie-Lee about it, we never saw her speak with Ryan about the situation.

"I had a chat with Brooke towards the end of the cocktail party and unfortunately you didn't get to see it," Ryan told us. 

"But yeah, I really backed myself like I really expressed how I was there for genuine reasons. I was there for her. I told her that she was one of my favourites from all the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons. So yeah it's a bit disappointing that that wasn't shown."


"It sort of shows that I didn't really have a say, but I really did," he added.

Viewers saw Brooke question Jamie-Lee about her relationship with Ryan, with the contestant tearfully explaining, "There’s nothing there. I didn’t know it was even a conversation. Yeah, I’m friends with him but I’m also friends with Holly but that’s not being questioned."

Jamie-Lee crying on the bachelorette
Fans saw Jamie-Lee attempt to defend herself after rumours of Ryan crushing on her were brought to Brooke's attention. Photo: Ten
bachelorette star Kurt
Ryan said he wasn't mad at Kurt for saying he thought Ryan was flirting with Jamie-Lee, but said he 'misread' the situation. Photo: Ten

"I’m here for you Brooke, I wouldn’t have stopped my life... I’m not just some stupid girl who’s going to go for anyone. I’m here for you. I have feelings for you. And it just sucks now that I have this on my name," she added.

Speaking about his conversation with Brooke, Ryan said they chatted for about 20 minutes and he thought that she "genuinely believed" him, but thinks "she had so many other big connections in the house".

"We formed a little connection with the conversations that we had already, but unfortunately, we didn't get a single date to really explore it," he explained.

Of his relationship with Jamie-Lee, Ryan said, "It was just a friendship that people took the wrong way. It was a strictly platonic friendship. We were close but yeah, I think everyone just misread the situation especially Kurt."

When asked how he felt about Kurt after the 'cheating scandal' unfolded, Ryan said he wasn't angry at Kurt for saying what he felt at the time, adding that he thinks he's "an honest, genuine guy".

"I think he was just put on the spot in a high-stress situation – [it was] something that was in his head that he misread or thought that just came out in that moment," he said. "But I think he's quite an awkward and oblivious guy to some things and he misread the moment the night before on his little date with Brooke so maybe he just misreads situations. But also I was thinking maybe, he is an athlete, so maybe he was just trying to delete some competition."

Ryan and brooke on bachelorette
Ryan said he wished people had seen so much more of his moments with Brooke. Photo: Ten

While Brooke herself said she'd be OK with contestants finding love together after the show, Ryan says he "can't see anything romantically happening" between anyone on the show.

"I don't know all the conversations that have been happening since I left the mansion so there could be something and it could be not," Ryan said, adding, "I'm not aware of anything."

He added that he wished more of his relationship with Brooke had been shown, including his red carpet moment, which involved a "wholesome chat" about what they want in life and their values and morals.

"That all aligned, so I feel like if I got the chance to go on a single date, it would have blossomed, but unfortunately it didn't," he shared.

While he didn't get the chance to form a strong connection with Brooke, when asked who he thought would win, Ryan didn't hesitate.

"From my time in the mansion and the connection that was formed, what I saw was just a massive attraction, they were like magnets with each other," he said. "They vibed with each other. They were just drawn to each other. It was Brooke and Darvid from day one."

Darvid is currently the number one pick among betting agencies, so it looks like they could be right!

The Bachelorette continues Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel Ten from 7:30pm.

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