Abbie Chatfield praised for ‘iconic’ response to US host’s bizarre rant

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Abbie Chatfield has been applauded after posting a hilarious response to conservative political commentator Candace Owens, who recently proposed that the US military invades Australia.

The controversial right-wing author and American talk show host said that Australians are “suffering under a totalitarian regime”, while also suggesting that there are similarities to Hitler and the Taliban.

Abbie Chatfield and Candace Owens.
Abbie Chatfield has been praised for her ‘iconic’ response to Candace Owens’ tirade. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield / Daily Wire

“Australia currently, make no mistake, is a tyrannical police state,” Candace said on her self-titled Daily Wire show last week.

“Its citizens are quite literally being imprisoned against their will. So when do we [US] deploy [troops]?”

It didn’t take long for reality TV star and It’s A Lot podcast host Abbie Chatfield, who has been a vocal supporter for Covid vaccines and Australia’s lockdowns, to respond to Candace’s tirade on social media.


The 26-year-old shared a video on TikTok from a party in Sydney over the weekend, shortly after the city’s lockdown lifted due to high vaccination rates.

The clip shows herself and two friends dancing up against one another with the audio from Candace’s rant playing over the top.

“So true, help us!” Abbie sarcastically captioned the post, alongside a sad face emoji and a ‘Save Australia’ hashtag.

Abbie Chatfield's TikToks.
Abbie posted two videos mocking Candace’s comments about Australia being a ‘tyrannical police state’. Photos: TikTok/abbiechatfield

Abbie also posted a second video using the same audio, this time strutting towards the camera in a leopard-print mini-dress before squatting, pouring a drink over herself, and dancing away.

“HELP US,” she jokingly wrote.

A number of Abbie’s followers took to the comments to join her mock cry for help, including one person who replied: “SAVE ME FROM FREE HEALTHCARE”.

“Ah gun control and Medicare, so scary,” another joked, while someone else added, “It’s tough down here”.

Other users simply commended Abbie on the hilarious video, which many people have labelled as “iconic”.

“I watched this on repeat more times than I will admit,” a fan wrote, followed by someone else who said, “This is my favourite video in the world”.

Abbie’s two recent TikToks, which have received over 800k views combined, come alongside a number of other Australians who have mocked Candace’s comments while using her audio.

“America please save us, we need your help!” one person captioned a TikTok from a bar in Brisbane with their friends.

“America we need your help! I’m being imprisoned against my will! Deploy now!” another wrote on their video sitting on a pool chair outside.

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