$1.99 Aldi item sends shoppers into a spin: 'Amazing'

'Amazing' item gets the job done for next to nothing.

These days, it can be hard to keep a grocery bill within budget, but one Aldi shopper has found the secret to at least keeping the cost of her laundry detergent down. Revealing possibly the store's best-kept secret, the customer explained that the Laundrite Laundry Liquid was the best he'd used.

Sharing his experience on an Aldi fan page, he said he was surprised at how well the budget product actually worked. "I've been using Almat for a while but thought I'd give this Laundrite a go," he said of the two products, both sold at Aldi. "It's amazing!"

Aldi sign
Discount retailer Aldi is famous for own-brand products that are just as good as their branded competitors. Photo: Getty

"For example, I had several small blood stains on a hand towel as a result of injuring my finger a few days ago and it's removed them without soaking in my standard bubble wash cycle. Other long-term stains have also washed out of my hi-viz work shirts without any pre-treatment."


The budget product comes in an apple fragrance and fans say it works wonders on washing without breaking the bank, costing just $1.99 for two litres.

Aldi laundry liquid
Aldi's laundry liquid has received tons of rave reviews from customers. Photo: Aldi

The author of the post wasn't the only one who'd stumbled across the laundry buy either. "I use this all the time now. It's been really great," another shopper agreed. "I find it works just as well as the very expensive brands!" confirmed another.

"I love it, tried it out of curiosity a month ago. Would never go back. It's great!" a third said, while someone else claimed they've been using it for "over 20 years" without any issues.

However, another eagle-eyed Aldi shopper said she'd spotted a strikingly similar product at Woolworths, for just one cent more. "Exactly the same from Woolies," she wrote alongside a picture of the Clean Laundry Liquid Apple Splash which retails for $2. "I checked the ingredients and they are the same."

Aldi laundry liquid
Aldi's alternate laundry line, Almat includes the award-winning concentrate powder and laundry liquid, but is substantially more expensive. Photo: Aldi

Aldi’s alternate brand Almat Laundry Liquid Concentrate is $5.49 for two litres, so the positive review on the budget item was warmly welcomed by other Aldi shoppers looking to save a couple of bucks. However, consumer group CHOICE doesn't score the cheaper product as well across the key tests carried out by their industry experts.


Nabbing a 46 percent expert rating, the Laundrite liquid was on the lower end of the recommendation scale. Instead, Omo Laundry Detergent Powder Front loader, Omo Ultimate Powder Front loader and Aldi Almat Laundry Powder Concentrate Sunshine Fresh Front loader all scored a high expert rating.

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