$2.59 Aldi cleaning buy transforms washing machine: 'Oh wow!'

A $2.59 Aldi household product is quickly becoming the new ‘cult cleaning buy’ after one shopper shared an incredible mould-removing hack.

Using the Aldi Power Force Mould Away spray, a woman shared how she quickly and effectively got rid of mouldy build-up on the rubber seal of her front loader washing machine.

Washing Machine Mould ALdi
The washing machine hack using the Aldi item eliminated mould within 24 hours. Source: Facebook.

Sharing before and after photos of the incredible transformation to the Aldi Mums Facebook page, the woman from the Gold Coast in Queensland said the hack had a little trick to it.

“Before and after pics of cleaning the mould off the rubber seal on my washing machine there is a trick to it - leave paper towel soaked in mould away for 24 hours,” she wrote.

Not only does the hack work brilliantly, but it also requires zero wiping or scrubbing with the woman saying she simply “just left it for 24 hours and peeled the paper towel off and magically it was gone”.


Others said they couldn’t wait to give the hack a try after experiencing a build-up of mould in their washing machines too.

“Thank you so much for this tip! Tried it yesterday and now it's all gone today. Brilliant!” One person wrote.

Washing Machine Mould ALdi
After: The mould was eliminated withoutn any wiping or scrubbing. Source: Facebook

“Thank you!!! I’ve been trying to get this one spot clean on my washing machine with mould spray. I’m definitely going to try this,” added another.

“Oh wow! I was ready to call a repairman to put in a new rubber seal but I think I’ll try this first. Thanks for sharing,” added a third.

‘A massive thank you!’

Another impressed woman from New South Wales shared her gratitude after discovering the post and decided to give it a go herself.

To her absolute delight, the hack not only worked but was able to completely rid her washing machine rubber of mould using the $2.59 miracle product.

Before and after
One woman who saw the hack decided to give it a go and also had incredible results. Source: Facebook

“A massive thank you to the person who posted the mould trick for the washing machine rubber,” she wrote on social media.

“I gave it a go today and works ridiculously well!

“Nothing would get it off no matter how hard I scrubbed and I always leave the door open to dry out. Never again will it end up like that.”

Washing Machine Mould ALdi
The Mould Away spray from Aldi is being praised as a miracle cleaner for washing machine seals. Source: Facebook

Explaining exactly how she did it, the woman said it was as simple as lining a paper towel on the seal, spraying the towel with mould spray and leaving it for a few hours and it wipes away.

What the experts say

The product scores highly with CHOICE too, scoring a 75 per cent rating beating out other popular mould sprays from Woolworths and Coles. However, it didn't hit the recommended score of 80 per cent score by CHOICE experts.

Apart from cleaning washing machine seals, the Aldi product was also used by shoppers for a number of other quick fixes around the house.

Mould away Aldi
The spray can be used for all sorts of cleaning from the bathroom to tile grout. Source: CHOICE

One woman shared that she used the $2.59 spray to clean her grout in the bathroom, while another said she used it to clean mould build-up in her shower.

“This spray is the best. My shower looks like a diamond,” one happy person wrote about using the product.

A word of warning

While the hack works amazingly well on the washing machine seal some warned it may not be the best way to maintain it.

But there are other ways to keep mould away, including leaving the door open after each wash. Others had plenty of alternative tips too.

“I tuck a face washer in the seal after I wash and leave it there till I wash again and have never had any problems with my seals,” one person suggested.

“One of my clients taught me a trick once finished washing pop a dry sponge in the rubber moulding to absorb any moisture,” agreed another.

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