17 Famous People Who Identify As Nonbinary Or Genderfluid

1.Lily Gladstone (she/they)

Unknown person on the red carpet with a sleeveless black dress adorned with decorative embellishments, posing in front of a "Fancy Dance" event backdrop

2.G Flip (they/them)

Person on a red carpet in a black suit with a brooch and sunglasses at the GLAAD event. Logos for "GLAAD," "Google Pixel," and "Gilead" are in the background

3.Liv Hewson (they/them)

Genevieve O'Reilly at a "Fallout" Prime event, wearing a light blazer with button details and black pants

4.Jonathan Van Ness (they/he/she)

Jonathan Van Ness wearing a flowing dress on the red carpet for a Netflix and Bridgerton event

5.Emma D'Arcy (they/them)

Emma D'arcy poses on the red carpet, wearing a distinctive asymmetric half white, half black suit jacket over a black shirt

6.Gerard Way (he/they)

Gerard Way is adjusting his tie while wearing a black suit, purple shirt, and pink tie, with a pin on his lapel. He stands against a dark background

7.Elliot Page (he/they)

Elliot Page smiles at a film festival, wearing a casual outfit with a dark polo shirt and jeans

8.Sara Ramírez (they/them)

Sara Ramirez at The Public Theater event, wearing a checkered scarf, black hoodie, and crossbody bag

9.Halsey (she/they)

Halsey on the red carpet, wearing an ornate, traditional outfit featuring an embroidered red crop top and a vibrant, multi-colored skirt with elaborate details

10.Emma Corrin (they/them)

Person in a sleek black dress with white heart and hand shapes on the chest area, attending a red carpet event

11.Janelle Monáe (they/she)

Janelle Monáe wearing a sheer, intricate dress with floral and crystal embellishments on a red carpet, surrounded by photographers

12.Amandla Stenberg (she/they)

Amandla Stenberg at a red carpet event, wearing a stylish cut-out dress with a unique braided hairstyle

13.E. R. Fightmaster (they/them)

Rhea Butcher at the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge event, wearing an oversized black blazer over a white-striped shirt, standing in front of a step-and-repeat backdrop

14.Alex Newell (he/she/they)

Alex Newell poses in a metallic skirt and off-shoulder top at the Gersh event

15.Bella Ramsey (they/them)

Bella Ramsey in a tailored suit at the Royal Television Society event

16.Kehlani (she/they)

Kehlani at an event wearing a graphic tee, high-waisted jeans, and colorful hair, posing with a peace sign

17.Sam Smith (they/them)

Sam Smith wearing a tailored black suit with a floral brooch on a formal red carpet event, surrounded by photographers

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