'Offensive': X-rated Halloween display sparks furore

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A Texas woman is standing firm after complaints were made over her Halloween decorations that feature pole-dancing skeletons.

Angela Nava received a letter from her homeowner's association calling her X-rated display “offensive” and “inappropriate” and giving her 30 days to remove the decorations.

halloween dancing skeletons
Angela's display has been called "offensive" by her HOA. Photo: Facebook

However, she claims none of her neighbours have had any problems with her skeleton display.

“So far, up until this letter that I received last night, everybody who's come by has been incredibly supportive. My neighbours love it,” she told ABC13 Houston.

Angela said she came up with the fun idea of the ‘Candy Shop’ in the early stages of the pandemic, as everybody had “been cooped up and it's been just a terrible year”.


She started with just one skeleton, sharing her creation on social media, and it quickly grew to become an entire spooky adult club.

"We just really had a good time changing the scene up every night. Every night, we change the positions of the skeletons, and it's really been just a great creative outlet for me,” she said.

halloween pole dancing skeletons
The display started with one skeleton and is now a full spooky adult club. Photo: Facebook

Angela has received so much support for her display online she said she is going to keep her decorations up until after Halloween - which is before the 30 days run out.

“People are having so much fun with this, and they love it, I'm going to continue to do it,” she said.

And further support has continued to flood in on Facebook.

“I absolutely LOVE THIS!! Leave it UP!! We ALL need to laugh and feel a little bit lighter with everything going on this year,” one person commented on the photos.

“I think it is funny and it is not really offensive lol. I mean people pole dance for fitness too!!!! it has been a crazy year and there is a LOT of negativity. I think we need some fun and laughs,” another agreed.

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