Warning over bizarre TikTok Halloween trend

Kristine Tarbert
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Dentists are warning TikTok users not to use nail products in their mouths as people share various dangerous techniques for applying fake vampire fangs for Halloween.

As October 31 quickly approaches, people are using the video app to show off the many ways that they’re preparing for their spooky Halloween night, including makeup looks and costume hacks.

halloween hack tik tok fail
Whitney Kait's Halloween hack went viral for the wrong reasons. Photos: TikTok

But when Whitney Kait, a user with 1.2 million TikTok followers, posted a video of her vampire look — followed by videos of her struggling to get her fake fangs off — experts had to step in.

“Well, f***,” Whitney can be heard saying in the now viral clip, as she tried to pull the acrylic fangs off, before she started to freak out. Naturally, viewers started to worry as well.

She soon shared a follow up clip asking users on the platform for help.

“Okay I need actual Help!!! I used nail glue (yes I’m dumb). But How do I get them off!!!” she captioned a video showing her brushing her teeth with fake fangs still intact.

fake fangs tik tok
She wasn't able to remove the fake fangs for hours. Photos: TikTok

“Please tell me you got them off,” one person wrote.

Dr. Vanessa Creaven, dentist and co-founder of Spotlight Oral Care, said the idea of gluing something to your teeth should be ‘absolutely avoided’.

“We would never advise any of our patients to super glue anything onto their teeth or to place superglue anywhere near your mouth,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Superglue has in itself toxic additives which when placed near the gum tissue can cause gingival inflammation or placed onto the tooth can risk leading to needing root canal treatment. Overall it's something we would advise someone to absolutely avoid.”

The video gained more than 10 million views, catching the attention of a more dentists online, who also responded to the video with some advice.

The consensus from both experts is not to use nail glue in your mouth because it’s poisonous and won’t come off easily.

Michigan-based dentist Zainab Mackie, who goes by “Your TikTok Dentist,” according to her profile, even suggested another denture glue to achieve the same realistic fang look with no risk of damaging teeth.

“It’s going to be safe and easy to take off,” Mackie said in her video. “You can also use orthowax. This is not going to stay on the whole time but it’s good for pictures.”

According to Whitney’s videos, her fangs stayed on for another two hours before she was finally able to get them off.

Other TikTok users have since demonstrated safer methods of applying fake fangs, by applying acrylic nails to the teeth with denture glue or using the kits made specifically for Halloween.

Additional reporting by Kerry Justich.

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