'Playlisting' is the COVID dating trend you need to know about

We’ve all heard of ‘ghosting’, ‘breadcrumbing’ and ‘cuffing’ but there’s a new pandemic dating trend around that singletons should probably know about.

While people are readjusting to meeting people online during the coronavirus pandemic, you may be finding it difficult to form any sort of meaningful connections with another person.

And with trends like ‘playlisting’ around, it’s no wonder.

Young couple meet in quarantine outside on the city street wearing face protective mask to prevent Coronavirus and anti-smog
Playlisting is a new COVID-19 dating trend. Photo: Getty Images

Playlisting refers to a person who schedules multiple video dates for the same night, according to EliteSingles, who conducted a study of 1,090 singletons to find out about their dating habits amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study found that 11% of those singletons were actually aware of being playlisted while 31% said they have or would playlist a date.


While many people had never had an online date in their lives before, 48% now say they’d be up for jumping online for a virtual meetup.

Interestingly, it also asked singletons what they expect when they meet up for someone for a date.

While it’s not clear in which country the study took place, 58% said they would flat-out refuse to date someone who didn’t wear a mask while 63% said they insist on wearing a mask on all dates.

Lindsey Metselaar, dating expert and host of the We Met at Acme podcast, previously spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about how to best navigate the dating game during social distancing and self-isolation.

A strong wifi connection makes for a strong relationship
A strong wifi connection makes for a strong relationship

Breaking down the difference between online dating and virtual dating, Metselaar offered creative ideas on how to stay connected to one another.

“You can do a New York Times crossword together, you can cook together, watch the same show, you can learn a TikTok at the same time, learning a new language together, playing virtual games together,” she said. “There are so many fun activities you can do.”

She also reassured singles that it’s not a red flag if somebody doesn’t want to connect face-to-face over a video chat.

“We’re sitting around all day. We’re not at our best right now. It could just be an insecurity thing, and not necessarily having to do with you,” she explained.

With extra reporting by Jenny Miller

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