Woman's 'mind-blowing' floor cleaning hack divides internet

Everyone has little tricks when it comes to cleaning, but one woman's mopping hack has the internet totally split. The woman, known as Tanya, runs a popular Facebook page called Tanya Home Inspo where she shares cleaning hacks with her 198,000 followers.

Demonstrating how she keeps her home clean, tidy and organised on a budget, Tanya has shared hundreds of clever cleaning tips, but one of her latest videos has left many people confused.

Sharing her self-proclaimed "mind-blowing hack", she demonstrates how she keeps her mopping water clean as she mops the floor of her house.

Floor cleaning hack
Using a bucket and a separate container, a woman shared her floor cleaning hack, although not everyone thought her idea was a winner. Photo: Facebook.

Using the popular Vileda spin mop bucket, Tanya places another smaller container into the water section. Filling the container with clean boiling water, she then puts the mop in it and cleans the floor before spinning the mop as usual. The dirty water rinses out of the mop into the larger bucket, leaving the water in the container clean. "This way you're only using clean water to mop your floors," she wrote on her reel.


Her video quickly racked up more than 25,000 likes and 1,400 comments, shocking many of her followers with her great tip. "Now this is a great idea!!! Very smart," one person praised, with another adding, "Thank you! I just had a separate bucket, but this is so much better!"

Mop bucket with smaller container inside
Placing a container inside her spinning mop bucket, the woman completely divided her followers over whether the floor cleaning hack really works. Photo: Facebook

Not everyone was convinced though. Some followers didn't quite get it while others said it was completely "pointless".

"But you're still putting your dirty mop in it to get it wet again," one person commented, while another added, "It's really pointless because... you dip your mop in the solution with the cleaner, spin it, mop the dirty floor and then... What??? Where do you rinse the dirty mop?"


"There are some bad 'hacks' out there, this one's so terrible I'm half wondering if it's satire!" wrote a third person.

Others tried to explain how the hack works. "The hack is... as you mop the floor and spin out the mop, the dirty water goes into the bucket and you're not putting dirty water back into the cleaning solution in the white container," one follower wrote.

Dirty water mop bucket and cleaning solution in smaller container
Many labelled the woman's idea "pointless", as the dirty mop went back into the clean water anyway. Photo: Facebook

Some people still weren't convinced, saying it created more work with two buckets to be cleaned at the end instead of one.

"You need to rinse the mop as you go... so unless you have a separate bucket to do that, that clean water will not stay clean. And judging by the colour of the water, it definitely needs to be rinsed," one viewer commented.

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