Shower cleaning hack stuns TikTok: 'Gotta try that'

Two TikTok creators discovered their shower head was harbouring more grime than they imagined when they decided to try a popular cleaning hack.

The friends from North America, who try out different viral hacks, put a bag of vinegar over a shower head to give it a deep clean and were left both impressed and disgusted with the results.

"You just put it on and wait 15 minutes," one of them says.

"And that's what comes out of it? Oh we gotta try that," the other replies.

Shower head cleaning hack
The guys were grossed out by the results of their cleaning hack despite their shower head not looking dirty. Photo: TikTok/@thekali.xanh2594 & Getty Images

In the video, which has now been watched over 5.6 million times, the guys reveal that they're not sure if they actually want the hack to work and that they'd likely rather remain oblivious to the dirt in their taps and shower heads.

However, their followers were quick to comment that it's a great hack and not to worry about what comes out of the taps.

"A lot of it is just calcium deposits, especially if you have hard water," one of their followers explained

"I clean my coffee maker with it. I've done it for years," another wrote.


"White vinegar is THE best cleaner," a third added.

In the follow-up video, one of the men says: "I'm in the shower and I don't want to show you what we see. If you ever want to take a shower again then I suggest you turn away."

They then show the bag with gunk floating in it. "Eww what on earth is that," one asks, and the other says: "What is it, bacteria?"

After seeing the video, viewers who hadn't yet tried the hack were keen to give it a go.

"Need to buy some vinegar," one person commented. "It's amazing how simple things are better cleaners than more expensive and more harmful cleaners."

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