Aussie mum's 'brilliant' IKEA laundry hack: 'Definitely trying this'

Can't keep up with never-ending piles of washing? This Aussie mum of eight might just have the genius hack you're after.

Sharing her tip on Facebook, the woman said she finally found the trick to not only sorting and folding her family's abundance of washing but actually putting it all away too. "Want to know my secret?" she posted to the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia page. "This cupboard is amazing!"

The mum shared pics of her specialised IKEA cupboard that has a space for each family member's clothes in her laundry, which acts as their own individual laundry station. Once the clothes are washed and folded she packs them in each cupboard for that family member to collect and put away - clever.

Laundry hack
The genius washing hack means that mum of eight's laundry stays tidy without baskets of washing piling up everywhere. Source: Facebook.

Her trick was an instant hit with her fellow group members who said the idea was "absolutely brilliant".

"Why does this post get me so excited?! It's like a mailbox for clean clothes!" one person wrote.

Finishing touches

The cupboards have a small door labelled with each family member's name, which the mum made using Kmart vinyl and her Cricut machine.

"I fold and sort by person as soon as clothes are dry or when I need space for the next load," she explained.

Socks and linen get their own dedicated space too, with baskets on top of the cupboard used to store socks until they are sorted once a week.

"Everyone is meant to put their clothes away daily or they get a (not so gentle lol) reminder when their cupboard is full and I need the space," she continued. "And guess what? It's actually working!"


The post has racked up more than 3,200 likes, with group members saying they can't wait to test out the organisational trick in their own homes.

"I need this in my house! We can never get on top of washing (family of 6)," a fellow mum commented.

"Definitely trying this!" said another, with a third adding, "This is brilliant, well done!"

The Kallax shelving unit from IKEA
The woman used the Kallax shelving unit from IKEA with stand and door inserts to make the ideal laundry sorting station for her family. Photo: IKEA

Other group members shared their own handy tips for washing and sorting.

"Tip about the socks sorting - I get hubby to fold his worn socks in pairs then put them on a laundry bag. That way, I don't have to do a scavenger hunt to match every pair! I'm also slowly swapping all his socks to just 1 design so they all match," one person shared.


"My system is similar but not as neat," someone else commented. "I have a huge work bench behind the washer and dryer and everyone has their own washing basket, with a separate one for linen and socks!"

"I've done this for years with my tribe too, it works brilliantly," a third mum shared. "I use a short Bunnings shelving rack with Flexi tubs though - not as pretty as yours!"

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