Woman's 'genius' $14 Kmart hack transforms kid's room: 'I want one'

The simple way a clever Kmart fan created the bed of her son's dreams.

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A Victorian mum has revealed the super easy hack she came up with thanks to an inexpensive item from Kmart. Sharing the idea on Facebook, she said it was her answer to the bed tent her son had been asking for, which retail for hundreds of dollars at other stores. Apart from the hefty price tag, the woman couldn't find a bed tent big enough for her son's mattress.

Kmart tent hack
The Kmart shopper's clever hack was praised by dozens of other mums who said they'd been looking for similar solution. Photo: Facebook/K. Sikora

Enter the 2-person dome tent from the budget retailer, which fits like a glove. "My son has been asking for a bed tent similar to the ones IKEA sell but double-bed ones were $200 plus," the mum posted. "Kmart to the rescue, $14 tent. Cut out the bottom and it fit perfectly around a double-bed mattress, and cut out a window so he could watch TV. Amazing quality tent for $14."


Explaining how she got the tent to sit so perfectly around the bed, the Kmart fan said she set the tent up first before cutting the bottom out, leaving a small border to tuck under the mattress, and was surprised by how well it turned out.

Kmart tent hack
The mum said the tent simply lifts off the mattress when she needs to change the sheets. Photo: Facebook/K. Sikora

'I need to try this!'

Fellow mums loved the woman's idea, with dozens saying they'd been trying to find something similar. "Oh, I've been searching for something like this for my son. So perfect, thank you," one person commented. "Oh my God, this is perfect for my son! It's impossible to find a double size bed tent!" another added. "I mean I'm in my 30s and I want one. Great job," wrote a third.

Others pointed out that it was a great idea for children who get anxious at bedtime or need their own little hideaway to feel safe. "Awesome idea, I think this could help young ones with anxiety and sensory struggles too!" one person commented.

Kmart tent hack
Kmart customers gave the budget tent a rating of 4.6 out of 5, with one commenting, "Lightweight, compact, easy to put up, good size, so couldn't be happier." Photo: Kmart

More Kmart tent hacks

The clever shopper isn't the only one to use a Kmart tent for something other than camping. Several other mums shared they's also hacked the versatile tent. "We bought this for a play tent - camping in the lounge," one mum wrote. "I use it as a sand pit outside so the feral cats can't get into it," someone else shared. "I purchased the $35 pop-up tent and cut the bottom out so my little one could play with the sprinkler in the shade on hot days. Was also impressed with the quality!" added another happy customer.

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