Surprise reason Kmart shoppers are obsessed with $12 toy

Kmart customers are encouraged to 'run, don't walk'.

Kmart often has the goods when it comes to dupes of more expensive products and their latest offering is no exception. The budget retailer's new $12 toy robot vacuum appears to be delighting adults more than kids because it actually works.

One shopper sent others rushing to Kmart after she recently put the toy to the test. Raving about her find on Facebook, she revealed how much the small toy was able to collect off her floors in just two minutes.

"Didn't even realise my floor was that dirty. The hair! Definitely going back tomorrow to buy a few more," she wrote alongside photos of the toy.

Kmart toy robot vacuum
A Kmart shopper was stunned to see how much dirt the toy robot vacuum collected off her bathroom floor. Photo: Facebook

Demonstrating how well it works, the woman showed how much hair and dust the toy picked up in her bathroom while "running constantly" for over two hours using Kmart brand Anko batteries.

Fellow Kmart fans were super impressed, with an intrigued customer saying the toy looks like it works "better than my $800 one".

"I need one for every room," a second shopper wrote, while a third commented, "Everyone RUN don't walk to Kmart". Others added it would be the perfect way to collect pet hair or crumbs, and would be ideal to clean small spaces like an apartment, toy room or even a caravan.


Bargain of the year?

The toy has a push-to-start button and requires three AA batteries. Just like a real robot vacuum, it features suction to pick up dirt, a compartment that opens for emptying, and an automatic swivel sensor to manoeuvre around objects. It follows the release of a stick vacuum and Dyson vacuum toys at Kmart.

Kmart toy robot vacuum
The toy robot vacuum is suitable for ages three and up, but adults are seemingly more excited about it than kids. Photo: Kmart

Not everyone was convinced, however, as some shoppers questioned whether the toy robot vacuum would actually go the distance. "You probably won't get a very good life expectancy out of motor or battery. I tend to think you get what you pay for. Be interesting to follow. Hopefully it's the bargain of the year." Only time will tell.

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