Kmart mum stuns with 'genius' LEGO storage hack: 'So clever'

Aussies are loving this simple tip.

For a parent, there’s nothing quite as annoying and painful as stepping on LEGO. So it's no surprise that one mum's genius Kmart LEGO storage hack is getting a lot of love online.

Not only does it offer a "brilliant" storage solution, but it's relatively inexpensive to make and you only need a few things to get it done.

After discovering that the $18 LEGO DUPLO classic green building plate fits perfectly on top of a $19 large modular storage drawer, the clever mum simply superglued the plate to the top of the storage container.

Kmart LEGO hack
The storage drawer and DUPLO building plate were basically made for each other. Photo: Kmart

The hack instantly offers a brilliant way to store LEGO while also offering the perfect-sized table for kids to use it on.



"Made this DUPLO play storage drawer by gluing a DUPLO base plate onto the large modular storage drawer. Good height for both baby and toddler to sit and build," the woman wrote.

Fellow mums said the hack was a fantastic idea. "That's legendary status!" one person commented. "Okay, this is bloody good!" another wrote, with a third adding, "That is SO CLEVER!"

Kmart LEGO hack
Dozens of mums have tried the hack after seeing it on Facebook, with many saying it's the perfect height for toddlers to play with. Photo: Facebook

It wasn’t long before others put their spin own spin on the idea. One crafty mum used velcro instead of glue to make the LEGO plate removable. Other mums experimented with larger-sized drawers and regular LEGO pads, which worked just as well.

Kmart LEGO hack
If your kids have grown out of DUPLO LEGO, there's great news: this hack works on regular LEGO building pads too. Photo: Facebook.

Take it one step further

If you're wondering whether you can actually fit your child's huge collection of LEGO in the storage box, some clever mums have come up with ideas for that too. "They stack, so you could buy another and put it underneath to have double the space," one woman commented. And if the Kmart drawer sells out, Big W has a stackable equivalent.

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