Kmart shoppers make X-rated jokes about $12 product: 'I'm dead'

Kmart fans were confused after seeing the handheld beauty product.

Kmart shoppers have lost it over one of the retailer’s interesting-looking beauty products. The retailer currently sells a mini hair remover for just $12, but the shape of the item had people doing a double take.

When a Kmart fan shared a picture of the small handheld tool with rounded edges on a Facebook group, people instantly assumed the item was an X-rated toy to use in the bedroom.

L: Kmart store. R: Kmart Mini Hair remover
Kmart shoppers have gone wild over a particular beauty product. Photo: Facebook

Over 350 people commented on the post, with the majority making hilarious digs towards Kmart about the ‘vibrator’.

“I thought it was another kind of device that removes tension and frisky buildup. Not hair,” one shopper admitted.

“I had a dirty mind there for a min until [reading] it properly,” another added.

“I scrolled too fast, got excited. Thought Kmart got some good stock in,” a third chimed in.

“Seriously thought it was an aid for the bedroom!! OMG who designs these items?!” another asked.


Other innovative shoppers joked about using Kmart beauty products for a second use.

“Can it also be used for other things?! Asking for a friend,” quipped a fan.

“Looks like you’re getting a two-for-one deal there!” another pointed out.

“I don’t think I could take these to the register with a straight face,” a third wrote.

"The comments. I'm dead," another added.

L: Pore cleanser, Mini hair remover and silicone foam cleanser in store at Kmart. R: Mini hair remover on white background
Cheeky shoppers pointed out that the other beauty products in the snap also looked X-rated. Photo: Facebook & Kmart

To make it worse, the customer's snap also showed two other products that could also be mistaken for adult toys. The $25 silicone face cleanser boasts 'high frequency vibration' and the $23 pore cleaner was compared to a 'sucker'.

"Getting a bit racy at old Kmart...a sucker and two vibrators," a cheeky fan pointed out.

"I spotted a sucker first then two vibrators without reading the names," admitted a second.

"I seriously had to scroll back to see why there was a vibrator on my feed," another added.

Kmart's embarrassing X-rated displays

This comes after Kmart shoppers roasted the retailer for their X-rated store displays.

While the retail giant doesn’t arrange any products in rude ways on purpose, the occasional customer takes the opportunity to shake things up.

Customers have had fun rearranging Kmart's drink bottles with letters on them. Photo: Facebook
Customers have had fun rearranging Kmart's drink bottles with letters on them. Photo: Facebook

The retail giant currently sells $5.50 1L water bottles which come printed with a letter on the front from A-Z. They’re popular because shoppers can purchase a bottle with their initial, but some customers have used them for a different purpose.

In a snap shared to a Kmart fan group on Facebook, two snaps of Kmart’s water bottle displays arranged in a peculiar way entertained shoppers.


The colourful display in Kmart’s Traralgon store clearly spelled out the crude phrase “I like boobs”.

“Looking in Kmart today and stumbled across this. Someone had a bit of spare time today,” the shopper quipped. “Definitely gave us a good laugh!”

Other shoppers replied with risqué displays they had seen in other stores, including one of the same water bottles that spelled the word “penis”.

Another shared a snap from Christmas last year, where a pile of reindeer were rearranged to make it look like they were all mating.

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