Woman savaged over 'chaotic' sandwich cutting technique

A woman has been heavily criticised after sharing the bizarre way she cuts her sandwiches.

While most people debate over whether they prefer to cut triangles or squares, this woman has thrown the rule book out the window altogether.

Sharing a picture of one of her sandwiches on Reddit, she explains how she cuts three lines diagonally through the sandwich instead of embracing a more common technique.

"Personally I believe this is the best way. Optional shapes and sizes, plus two extra pieces," she said.

A woman's sandwich cut into six pieces.
The woman was savaged for how she cut her sandwiches. Source: Reddit

The woman, from the UK, added she started cutting her sandwiches that way about a year ago.

"I make them like this to take to work, smaller chunks mean I don't have hamster cheeks if I have to communicate with people," she added.

Many people were not impressed however with the woman's technique, with the post copping a barrage of comments.

"Has the heat got to you ... What is this craziness?" one questioned.

"There’s a fine line between genius and madness," another said.

"What is this chaotic neutral monstrosity?" a third added.


Others questioned the structural integrity of the woman's lunch, saying the middle slices of the sandwich would be "flappy".

"Personally I can only eat a sandwich in quarters, sixths is just too much sandwich for me," one commented.

"To be fair, I could see this working if it was to accompany soup. Other than that, madness," another said.

"This is unhinged," somebody else bluntly claimed.

The woman however continued to defend her technique, saying she feels like she's eating more with it divided into six parts.

"It definitely feels like more sandwich even if it is the same amount of sandwich," she said on the Reddit thread.

"I would often eat four parts then get sad when there was no more. Like if you go to drink tea but you've already finished it. This way I get sandwich glee!"

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